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Playoffs preview - Storming to Widnes

Streatham Storm sending both Elite and Division 1 squad to playoffs for the first time in club history

While the rest of the country is hanging out union jacks and organising street parties for the jubilee, Storm has been gearing up for the playoffs in Widnes this weekend! This is the first time we will be sending two squads to the tournament, with Elite competing for the trophy while Division 1 is competing for the all-important promotion to the Premier League.

Division 1 kick off the weekend with the semifinal, facing off against the Whitley Bay Beacons. Storm have been seeing Whitley Bay regularly in the Elite League, but the D1 side is yet to meet their northern compatriots on the ice. While the top-flight Beacons have had a tough run this season their Division 1 squad has flourished, with only one loss and one draw blotting their record in the 12 game regular season. Whitley Bay have proven beyond a doubt to be a formidable opponent, and Storm are more than ready for this face off. It’s going to be to be an amazing match - and you can watch it wherever you are as the Beacons are kindly streaming the whole thing! Big thanks for organising, guys.


On the other end of things Elite will be closing the day, facing off against the longtime league champions the Bracknell Queen Bees. The Solihull Vixens just pipped the QBs at the post to take the top title in the 2019/2020 shortened season, following ten years of dominance from the Bracknell side. The QBs had a rocky start to the 21/22 season following the closure of Bracknell rink moving them to Slough - however they hit their stride as the year went on, and finished the season as the only team in the Elite League who can boast a win against the dominant Solihull squad. Their record with the Storm is suprisingly close, with Storm holding them to a one goal difference in their last 2 matches. This game, therefore, could go in any direction - the day is sure to end with a bang!

Your Elite captaining team will be the indomitable squad of Assistant Captains Zuzana Dobrovolna and Isabell Whiteley, lead by Captain Joanna Li How Cheong. Meanwhile, your captaining team for Division 1 will be the longtime dream team of Assistant Captains Katherine Procopiou and Annette Kerr, headed up by Captain Sorana Churchill. Head Coaches for the weekend will be the ever-excellent duo of Ferhat Tözünler for Elite, and Paul Sanders for Division 1. All have done an outstanding job throughout the season of building club success, maintaining team focus and generally making Storm an awesome place to play. Thank you to all of you for everything you have done so far - here’s to one last hurrah to close the 2021/2022 season!

We are so excited to get started, play some great hockey and catch up with our fellow teams from across the WNIHL. Bring on Saturday - and we hope you all enjoy the long weekend leading up to it!


Let’s go Storm!!



The Great Charity Skate Off

Streatham Storm looking to fundraise for mental health charity Mind and for team members who cannot afford to play


For a 50/50 split between mental health charity Mind and a financial support fund for members of our club in difficulty, the Streatham Storm Women's Ice Hockey Club will be rollerskating 792 miles to represent the 792 million people that suffer from mental health disorders worldwide. That's just a little further than from our rink in London all the way to Lillehammer, Norway!


Why we are raising for Mind 

Now more than ever, people’s mental health worldwide is in peril. This pandemic has ravaged people’s families, friends and livelihoods, leaving millions in dangerously vulnerable positions. There has never been a more important time to lend a helping hand to those who are suffering, making sure no one ever has to face mental health struggles alone.


Mind is absolutely key in achieving this, with clear goals to build a brighter future for mental health through spreading awareness of mental health issues through their 125 local branches,various national helplinesoffering professional training (e.g. suicide prevention skills and Mental Health First Aid), and campaigning for key mental health legislation. Mind has brought us a long way in understanding and helping those suffering from mental health difficulties over the last 70 years, but there is still a long way to go to make sure that everyone experiencing a mental health problem receives the support and respect they deserve.


The benefits sports has on our mental wellbeing is something all of us at Storm appreciate, and is one of the key reasons why our players have decided to raise funds for Mind. We have certainly been reminded how lucky we are to have a positive environment to play the sport that we love and have our mental health be all the better for it. We fully encourage all of you to get active and try something new (especially rollerskating!) to take care of your mental health - and if possible, please consider donating to help Mind offer support to others as well!


Why we are raising for our club

“Hockey is for everyone” is a rhetoric echoed throughout the worldwide community over the last few years. However, we have a long way to go to achieving this goal, and sadly the world of women’s UK hockey is no exception.


It’s an unfortunate fact that ice hockey is an expensive sport - senior player kit usually runs upwards of £300, training and game ice costs hundreds of pounds an hour, and this, alongside travel, registration and insurance fees are all entirely funded by our members. In addition, no matter what level of hockey you play at, no female players are paid for playing in the UK.


Even worse is the international players fees, which sees players being charged upwards of £600 to play in our league if they have ever trained overseas, even for a matter of months, or if they were born outside of the UK. This is regardless of their experience level. In addition, these ITCs incur an ongoing annual cost to the club, and therefore our players, of upwards of £1,000 per year. London is one of the most international and multicultural cities in the world, and as such a huge amount of our players are being hit with these crushing fees, severely limiting their ability to play and doing untold damage to the grassroots of the sport in the UK.


To total it up, the cost per year for a regular player is in excess of £1000 while this increases to nearly £2000 for an international player, as outlined below:

  • £300 new kit
  • £75 registration & insurance
  • £650 subs annually, covering ice and referee costs
  • ~£200 annually spent on travel
  • £600 ITC fee if you are an international player

Our club has always covered as much of these costs as possible for those who need it, but with increasing prices and more people than ever struggling as a result of the pandemic, the number of members we can help is limited without passing on the cost to other players - the antithesis of a solution to this serious problem. With the situation as it is an increasing number of players, from the grassroots of the sport to those who represent the best of UK women’s hockey, face the gut wrenching reality of not being able to play the sport they love simply because they cannot afford it.


With this in mind, 50% of money raised would be exclusively put aside for assisting players at all levels with these fees who would otherwise not be able to afford to play. In this we as a club are committed to the assertion that hockey is for everyone, no matter their financial situation or where in the world they are from.



The link to our Crowdfunder page can be found here. We’ll be keeping you updated on all our plans and progress there as well as across all our socials - be sure to check it out, any donations or words of encouragement are hugely appreciated​!



Month in Review - February

Winning streaks, hat tricks and stormy weather make for a thrilling month in Streatham


February was a little bit longer this leap year, and the Storm have certainly been advancing in leaps and bounds to make the absolute most of the extra time afforded to them! Following a January of highs and lows with the Development team kicking off and the first win of the season for the Elites, this month was entered with the mindset that anything can happen! Let's take a look over what has happened in the month of love...




This month saw the Storm Develpoment team in their second match of the season, on the road against the Coventry Phoenix. Both benches were evenly matched in terms of numbers, this being the first match for many players on both sides of the ice. Keen to show their skills, Coventry wasted no time in putting the puck to the net, #78 Lucy Farestvedt demonstrating the skills learned on the Coventry and Warwick Panthers university team to score the first of the game. The Phoenix kept this pace up with a flurry of shots, scoring twice more in the first and twice again in the second. After another goal in the third, with 5 minutes left the Storm managed to snatch a goal back, #15 Dolma Chiodak scoring her first game goal with the Storm assisted by #6 Jehna Devraj. Although Coventry set the final score at 7-1, new netminder #53 Jodie Nicholson faced 73 shots, exemplifying her ever-improving skills in the face of adversity. We are very proud of our development team for giving it their all this match and coming out with their heads held high - we look forward to seeing them improve as the season goes on!


The next Development match is against the Milton Keynes Falcons on the road, 11/04 at 18:30. Milton Keynes is the only Development team that does not have a counterpart in the Division 1 South League - as such, the Storm Devs will be entering this match relatively blind with little to no prior knowledge of the team they are facing. This will hopefully make for a fun and competitive match, as well as a great opportunity for both teams to improve their skills!



Division 1 South

The only game scheduled for the Division 1 team this month was a matchup against the as-yet winless Peterborough Penguins. Unfortunately due to the high winds from Storm Ciara the game was cancelled amidst concerns about player safety. We would like to thank the Penguins once again for their willingness to reschedule, and look forward to facing them on the 10th May!


The next matchup for the Division 1 side comes in the form of a double header weekend after almost three months without a game. The first match will be at home on the 28th March against the formidable Coventry Phoenix who currently sit second in the league, only a few points ahead of the Storm. The Streatham side will be itching for a win after losing the away leg of this matchup at the start of January with a greatly reduced bench - competition is sure to be fierce. The next day Streatham hit the road to face down the Swindon Topcats for the first and only time this season as their home leg was cancelled earlier in the year. With the Topcats having topped the leaderboard last season, this is the once chance in 2019/2020 to prove whether the Storm have advanced their skills past the previous champions so there will be plenty to play for in this high-stakes game. Neither are matches to miss, so make sure you come and support!




In contrast to the Div 1 and Dev sides, the Streatham Storm Elites have had a remarkably busy month. Coming from an enormously successful final weekend in January, the Elites entered February keen to continue proving their prowess and keep climbing the league table. This commenced with their first game this year against the Nottingham Vipers. The Vipers sat at the bottom of the league one place below the Storm, so this was a match the Storm needed to take the full 2 points from in order to avoid the dreaded relegation spot. A few last minute roster additions saw Emily Kocheff and Jenna Johnson play their first game for the Storm here, getting in just before the signing deadline.


The play started off a little slow, both teams battling for the first point but Storms sterling defence denying any chances the Vipers created. This ongoing effort eventually yielded results as #36 Cristina McLean found space to tear up the ice and score unassisted for the first goal of the game. This makes three games in a row in which McLean has scored at least once, her effectiveness as a high impact player becoming more evident as the season goes on. Keen to avoid their habit of scoring first but then trailing as play goes on, the Storm surged into action and 7 minutes later scored once more, #8 Estelle Ip taking full advantage of an excellent pass from #63 Isabell Whitley. As the second period commenced at 0-2 to Storm play became more intense as the Vipers made a bid for the lead. The game continued to ramp up fairly evenly with a lot of end to end play, but it was the Vipers who managed to score with only 30 seconds left in the period, #9 Reagan Downing putting puck to net assisted by #13 captain Robin Mullen and #19 Hannah Ware. This put Storm in the uncomfortable position of only being one goal ahead entering the third period, where often in the past the team has felt the full disadvantage of being short-benched. However, captain #33 Joanna Li How Cheong rallied the team and made clear that the team was to go out at full energy for the final 20 of the game. It was Ip and Whitley who once again flew into action to score less than 30 seconds into the period, and then once again 3 minutes later assisted by #29 Meghan Sullivan as Ip achieved a hat-trick goal. Not to be outdone, minutes later Whitley showcased why she had been the team choice for penalty shots in the past as she scored unassisted on a breakaway. While the Vipers fought hard to pull back points they were rebuffed by the Storm defence and netminder Ruth Cattell, holding the final score at 1-5 to the Storm.


However, the Storm were not away from the Vipers long as they faced them down on the home leg next weekend. As the opening whistle went on this second battle to avoid relegation the Storm exploded into action, and the now-distinguished combination of Whitley and Ip hit home, Whitley scoring not once but twice in the first 10 minutes with her second goal coming unassisted. Penalties for both teams following this saw various power plays and penalty kills that had the spectators on the edge of their seats, but both teams held their own with Vipers goaltender #1 Holly Louise Steeples battling injury to make some outstanding saves against the home side. 


Entering the second period at 2-0 the Storm continued to make sure they started each play with maximum energy, and saw the results from it as #74 Tiffany Trood scored under 2 minutes into the period, assisted by #82 Robyn Quinn and #36 Cristina McLean. This was closely followed by a goal from #49 Alyssa Blanchez assisted by Ip and #44 Zuzana Dobrovolna, and the last goal of the period coming from #17 Sinead Jennings in her first game for the Storm assisted by #19 Olivia Kirkham and #27 Jennifer Lawrence. 


As the third period commenced it seemed that Storm was on a roll, this time scoring less than 30 seconds into the period as Dobrovolna hit home assisted by Whitley and Blanchez. Less than a minute later, McLean continued her goal-a-game streak assisted by Quinn and Whitley. Lawrence followed this with a goal of her own assisted by #9 Beth Milne, maintaining her ercord as having the top percentage of goal per game for all time on the Storm. With Trood closing the match with a goal from McLean the final score sat at 9-0 to the Storm, the largest goal differential this season by far for the Storm having been achieved with an outstanding team effort. The Nottingham Vipers were a powerful team but gracious in defeat despite injuries, and we can’t wait to test how they have improved in the first game of March!


However, the next weekend the Storm came up against a daunting opponent, the Guildford Lightning. In a shock result that saw the Storm winning by one goal in their previous matchup, the Lightning entered the Streatham rink with the singular goal making up for points lost.


The first period started with both teams at maximum energy, resulting in a lot of end to end play which tested both Guildford netminder #30 Phoebe Shavelar and Storm netminder #53 Lucy Gruber. However, gradually play began to swing towards the Guildford net, the Elite side coming together as a team to test the Guildford defence to its limits. Eventually, following some very close calls , Dobrovolna hit home for the Storm assisted by Ip and junior Olympic medallist #16 Amy Robery. Despite some breakaways towards both nets the goaltenders continued to put in sterling performances, setting the score at the end of the first at 1-0 to the Storm. As such the elites entered the second period in good spirits, but potentially had edged too close to complacency as 6 minutes in Guildford assistant captain #10 Lindsey O’Neil took advantage of a gap in the Storm defence to score assisted by #19 Hannah Ingledew. As the gap closed between the two teams both were jolted into action, more breakaways and more fierce play around the Guildford net making for a nail-biting spectacle. This energy was carried all the way into the third, but it was taking an undeniable toll on both teams as began to make mistakes leading to several rushes on goal. However, despite several near misses it was Guildford who managed to finally put puck to net as #17 Amy Mansbridge took an excellently judged pass from #6 Samantha Payne to put them in the lead. Both teams kept pushing all the way to the final buzzer with the final 5 minutes earning Guildford’s Shavelar man of the match with some heartstopping saves, for the Storm it was not to be – the results stood at 1-2 to Guildford, ending the Storm’s 3 game winning streak.


However, the next match for the Storm sees them face their old rivals the Nottingham Vipers, meeting them once again on home ice. The Vipers are still yet to win a league match this year, and as such will enter this game hungry for success. Faceoff is at 18:45 on 7th March on what is sure to be a fierce matchup – we hope to see you there!



Month in Review - January

Missed games, first goals and first wins - a month of highs and lows for the Storm


Happy New Year from the Streatham Storm! Unbelievable as it may be that we are now a month into the new decade, January is indeed drawing to a close – and what a January it has been! 6 games across all three teams, including the debut of the much-anticipated Development team, has given the Storm much opportunity to work off the turkey and Christmas pudding. Let’s take a look over the action…




The development team has taken full advantage of the late start to their season, working to an outstanding degree to bring up their game knowledge and level of play. No person has worked harder than Sam Sullivan, newly appointed captain of the development side. Sullivan has been skating for 18 months, Storm being her first team, and has come on in leaps and bounds as a result of a lot of hard work and dedication.  Supplemented by her history in rock climbing and BMX, Sullivan has thrived in hockey and is already very much a part of the Streatham family. When asked how she felt about the upcoming season, Sullivan answered “Really excited! We're got a great bunch of people, really looking forward to playing some games together. Everyone has worked hard, hopefully we can have some fun and win a few!”


Led by Sullivan the newly formed development team headed off to meet the Slough Sirens in high spirits, excited to get going in their late-starting season. As puck dropped both teams burst into energy, Slough pulling the first points as #18 Chelsea Matheson hit home assisted by #8 Hannah Driver. However, less than 26 seconds later the Storm equalised, #4 Celia Dyson scoring her first game goal assisted by #55 Julie Lee and #95 assistant captain Victoria White. Play was close following this as both teams battled for dominance, but unfortunately it was Slough who managed to just pull ahead in the final minute of the first. The Sirens scored twice more in the second, and although the Storm hit home once again with #93 Natasha Hollingworth assisted by Dyson in the third, unfortunately Sirens scored 4 times more to put the final goal count at 8-2. Despite this result we are so proud of our development team, many of them having come from minimal skating experience to game level play in under a year. Their speedy progress and ongoing work ethic makes us sure that more goals and more points will soon be on the horizon!


Their next matchup will be on the road against the Coventry Phoenix. Will their development side prove as daunting as their Division 1 side? We wait for the answer with baited breath!


Division 1 South

The Division 1 team had the honour of opening the decade for the team, facing down the Coventry Phoenix for the first time that season. Unfortunately the D1 side also suffered from a slow start in their opening game, giving up 4 goals before the game was 12 minutes in. The Storm gathered themselves to steel their defences and launch a fierce offensive attempt, but it was too little too laste as the game ended at 4-0. While disappointing, the D1 side will have the opportunity to snatch back lost points as they face the Phoenix on the home leg on 23rd March. This will be a crucial match for both teams in terms of final standings, so it will be hard fought to the final minute.


The Division 1 team also had a game scheduled against the Swindon Topcats, a formidable opponent who had not yet lost a match in their season. Unfortunately, due to issues with numbers the Topcats were forced to forfeit, meaning the Storm will only meet them once this season on the 29th March. While the Storm were of course saddened to lose a game, the silver lining of the situation was that the compensation points shot them to the top of the standings, an immeasurably valuable boon at this point in the season.


The next game the Division 1 side will play will be against the Peterborough Penguins, who appear to be stuck in something of a rut having not yet won a game in the 2019/2020 season. However, this does not mean that the Storm can rest on their laurels. Every game from here on out is crucial, the Division 1 side needing to win every match from here on out in order to have a good chance at a playoff spot. What the standings will look like once the final game is played, only time will tell.



Starting their month with a game against Bracknell, the Elite team sadly saw out a 1-6 loss against the Bracknell Queen Bees on Sunday 12th January. Going in with a reduced bench the team had a slow start to the match with three goals being scored in just over half a period. However, this was whittled down to 2 and then 1 goal in the second and third respectively, and it was the Storm who had the closing goal of the match from #9 Elizabeth Milne, assisted by #17 Jennifer Lawrence and assistant captain #36 Joanna Li How Cheong. Unfortunately this game marks a clean sweep from Bracknell against the storm, the second in this season as the Solihull Vixens have also played all their games successfully against the elites until next year.


Next up the Elite team faced down a demanding double header weekend both in effort and distance travelled, as they went to Hull to face down the Kingston Diamonds on Saturday before heading back home to play the Guildford Diamonds. On the saturday, the Storm set off with a short bench but big ambitions to gain ground on the Nottingham Vipers, who sat behind the team by only 1 point. 


While the first half of the game passed largely without incident, a bodychecking penalty for Kingston created an opportunity which Storm took full advantage off, #36 Cristina McLean scoring an unassisted power play goal to put the first points on the board. Kingston responded quickly to score a shorthanded goal to end the period at 1-1, leaving the Storm pleased with their progress but hungry for more. In the second period it was Kingston that took advantage of a Storm penalty to put the score at 2-1, but following some fast-paced and relentless play McLean struck again for the Storm, this time assisted by Milne. Entering the third period at even strength saw some intensified competitive spirit, leading to a flurry of big penalties for the Diamonds. However, in amongst the confusion the Storm kept their heads and maintained their level of play to hold the score at 2-2 until the final buzzer, pulling a point from this intensive game.


However, the team had no time to reel from this game as they headed back to Streatham to play the Guildford Lightning for the second time this season. There was a very real risk of the team flagging from exhaustion, both from the tough game and the long journey, but instead the Storm carried the energy with them and brought it screaming into their next game as McLean hit home on home ice in under two minutes, assisted by #63 Isabell Whitley and #78 Tiffany Trood. Not to be beaten easily, the Lightning launched a determined offensive that saw a lot of end-to end play and some outstanding work from both net minders, Storms #42 Ruth Cattell delivering her usual excellent level of goaltending. This continued into the second period, but this series of strong breakaways saw an unlucky trip from the Guildford side resulting in a penalty shot to the Storm. Whitley lined up to take it, and taking her time she expertly deked the goalie to put the Storm at 2-0. a minute and a half later #88 Eunice Boon scored an unassisted goal to put the Storm up by another point, the biggest lead the Elite team has had yet this season.  Now feeling the heat, Guildford began to claw their way back into the game, #24 Alice Jones scoring for the Lightning assisted by #4 Charmaine Easton almost immediately following a Guildford penalty. Jones put yet another point on the board for Guildford halfway through the third, and the final few minutes were backed with nail-biting play as Guildford pulled their goaltender in a last-ditch attempt to putt points away from this matchup. However, the Storm continued to carry their energy all the way to the final buzzer, and their outstanding efforts were rewarded with their first win of the season and the first Elite win against a non-relegation risk team. 


With all the excitement over the last few weeks for the Storm Elites, it should be noted that they have not yet come up against their main rivals within the division this year. The Nottingham Vipers are yet to gain any points in an Elite League game, but sit only 4 points behind Streatham in the standings. It is this matchup that will open February for the entire league, Storm going on the road to meet the Vipers on the 1st of the new month. This will be a fierce battle to avoid the dreaded relegation spot, and undoubtedly one to watch closely!




Fortnight in review - Storm take positives from tough matchups

Three losses and a win over two weeks of fierce competition for the Storm leaves much to be reflected on


It has been a fortnight of highs and lows for the Streatham Storm, with both the Elite and Division 1 sides playing 2 games a piece with varying results. The first weekend saw the Elites losing 0-2 to Bracknell Queen Bees at home, while the Division 1 side had a gutting loss to the Slough Sirens at 2-4. The following weekend the Elites lost to the Solihull Vixens 0-6, but the Division 1 side managed to end the fortnight on a high on the Sunday as they snatched a 3-0 win against the Peterborough Penguins on home ice. However, win or loss, there are positives to be taken away from each game, and certainly lessons to be learned going forward.


On the road Division 1 entered the Slough rink at the top of the leaderboard with the Sirens close behind them. Born of the Basingstoke Bisons, this second season has seen the Slough side pushing harder than ever for the top spot, having built up their roster to a formidable degree.As the opening faceoff puck dropped both teams exploded into action, but it was Slough who snatched an early lead as former Storm Elite player #36 Chelsea Meany ripped a puck into the net unassisted. Sirens #27 Dee West took two penalties in close succession in the first period for high sticking and interference respectively, but between them #26 Elise Willoughby put another point on the board for Slough assisted by #10 Captain Jodie Attrill. The first period came to a close at 2-0 to the Sirens, but the Storm gathered themselves and came into the second with renewed attack which eventually paid off when, following a stint in the box for a bodychecking penalty, Storm top scorer #81 Parris Moore scored assisted by #10 captain Sorana Churchill. Both teams battled hard for dominance all the way through into the second, leading to multiple very close whistles and controversial penalties. Eventually the Sirens managed to push through the debris to score twice in close succession, #11 Laura Braedburn hitting home first assisted by Meany and #22 Kay Carrington-Fisher, then #37 Jess Van Der Velden following suit assisted by Willoughby and Attrill. However, far from being downcast the Storm became more determined to snatch back points, with Moore scoring once again 20 seconds after the Sirens, assisted by #7 alternate Annette Kerr. Both teams fought all the way to the final whistle, but as the game drew to a close it was the Sirens that came out on top at 2-4. The two sides will meet again in three weeks time - the Division 1 side have one more game before then, and will be working hard to make sure that they equalise in points on the home leg of this matchup.


At home the elites lined up against the Bracknell Queen Bees for the third time this season. The Queen Bees recently saw their first loss in over 2 seasons, their seemingly unshakeable dominance wobbling as the dream of every other elite team to be the new champions seemed ever so slightly solidified into an achievable goal. As Storm half the Bracknell side off in the first period, both teams had many near misses as goaltenders and defensemen worked hard to keep their respective side in the game. The fight continued all the way to the halfway point in the game, but at 30 minutes in the Queen Bees #15 Emily Harris had a breakaway, and scored unassisted to put Bracknell in the lead. almost 15 minutes of play later and Harris scored again, this time assisted by #7 Nicola Lazarczuk and alternate #11 Christine Newman. Storm fended off Bracknell and fought furiously to score goals of their own, but missed plays and lost shots saw the final score sitting at 0-2. While this loss was a tough one to swallow, Storm have narrowed the goal differential gap from their previous matches with Bracknell from 3 to 2. The Elite side have one more game to play against the Queen Bees in the 2019/2020 season - will that be the one where they close the gap entirely? Only time will tell.


After a week of reflection and hard training both teams were ready for their upcoming weekend games, the Elite side being tested first as they travelled to Solihull on Saturday. As their last matchup saw Solihull earn a whopping 72 penalty minutes, the Storm entered this game with some trepidation. However, the gamesheet was almost completely clean on the Solihull side with only one call for interference against #9 Grace Garbett in the second period. Unfortunately an early tripping call against Storm captain #33 Joanna Li How Cheong led to a powerplay goal from Solihull, followed by 4 more goals in the first. Two more Solihull shots hit home in the second period, but refusing to shrink under mounting pressure the Storm steeled themselves and tightened their defence. This led to no goals in the third and only one penalty, 2+10 for Storms Estelle Ip, due to frustration at ongoing controversial officiating. Despite the loss being a rough one to take this is a huge improvement on the Elites third period play, which is historically where the team has faltered. This is a welcome sign of positive development as the team goes forward, considering that they have yet to face any other team aside from Bracknell and Solihull who currently sit first and second in the league and as such have a lot of time and space to make up ground.


Now hungry for a win, the fortnight closed with the Division 1 side on home ice facing down the Peterborough Penguins, a seasoned team sitting with a loss and a draw so far in the season. Having been plagued by illness and injury over the last few weeks, the Division side were depleted in numbers but not in determination. The game opened with an early goal from alternate #7 Annette Kerr, assisted by #81 Parris Moore. However, following this there was a slowdown in play from both sides, with neither team quite able to get the puck to the net and mistakes on both sides causing frequent turnovers. This fashion of play continued to the end of the second, after which the Storm concluded that it was time to increase the tempo and energy of the game. Entering the third with renewed vigour, two goals were scored in quick succession - one from #34 Shauna Man assisted by Moore, and another for Kerr assisted by #89 Jasmine Willson. Both teams sped up in response to the goals and pushed hard all the way to the end of the match, resulting in a scuffle between Mann and Penguins #88 Leah De Mar. However, as the match closed with the Storm on top at 3-0, both teams were smiling at the final handshakes.


This weekend gone has left both the Elite and Division 1 sides keen to get back on optimal track. Next weekend will see the fourth and final matchup between the Streatham Storm Elites and the Solihull side - will this be the match that the Vixens are outfoxed? The Division 1 side has their next game the week after as they travel down to Southampton to meet the Solent Amazons. The Amazons have drawn all three of their games this season - will this be the matchup that breaks the streak? Elite faceoff next weekend is at 18:45 at the Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre and entry is free - we can’t wait to see you there!




Season openers see Storm push for prominence

The home and away openers had both teams forging a path for greatness in 2019/2020


As both Streatham Storm sides have now had their home and away openers, the season is well and truly underway! Let's take a look over the matches so far...


The elite season started in sunny Solihull, whom Streatham went 1-0-3 with last year. The Storm held on into the first period until a power play 10 minutes in saw the Vixens sneak one past netminder Patricia Henne. An unfortunate first 5 minutes of the second had Solihull score three more times, but their momentum was stopped as #44 Zuzana Dobrovolna snatched a goal back assisted by Estelle Ip, for whom this was the first match with the Streatham side. Another power play saw Vixens score one more, however, and a snapped blade alongside some injuries left Storm depleted in the third leading to a final score of 8-1. 


Meanwhile Division 1 travelled to Oxford for the first of two back-to-back games. A few new faces were on the ice for this season, with both Tash Hollingworth and Jessica Vigne stepping on ice for the first time in Storm colours. While the defence did sterling work to see Henne earn a shutout on only 6 shots, the forwards consistently pushed up the ice to create scoring opportunities. #34 Shauna Mann scored the first Storm goal of the season only 33 seconds in, with #5 Cat Pinder later taking advantage of a power play to score assisted by Dobrovolna who later assisted #87 Susan Nicholson. #81 Parris Moore went above and beyond, scoring two goals while playing in defence to lift the team from all perspectives.


All in all the season openers were a mixed bag for the Streatham Storm, with plenty to take away and learn from - and the learning couldn’t be done soon enough, as the elite home opener against the 8 time league champions Bracknell Queen Bees was looming the next weekend…


As the Sunday rolled around the Elites lined up against the distinguished Bracknell side, seeing the Storm debut of Elizabeth Milne. Exploding into action, Storm wasted no time in pushing the puck into the offensive zone. However, the Bracknell defence held their positions and managed to rebuff the onslaught, starting off a long run of battles up the boards in the neutral zone. While Storm held them off for the first period, Bracknell scored twice in the second and third period respectively; their expertise created outstanding shooting opportunity at that the Storm were hard-pressed to prevent. However, taking advantage of distracted defence #36 Christina McLean tore up the ice alongside #63 Isabell Whitley, gaining a respective goal and assist that put the final score at 1-4 to Bracknell. While this loss was a shame, considering past results against the queen Bees the score line was a huge step forward in both defensive and offensive ability at Storm, and is a signifier of better results to come.


The next Saturday, Oxford made the journey down to meet the Division 1 side for the home-leg rematch of their game 2 weeks prior. While Henne and #2 Charley Field-Howick both achieved shutouts, Oxford goaltender #1 Sabina Lossnitzer is to be particularly commended for an outstanding on-ice performance. However, as the game went on the Storm wore the Oxford team down, Mann scoring in the first period and then again in the second, less than 30 seconds after Moore. As Ip scored the final goal of the match with under 5 minutes remaining, despite a valiant effort from the Midnight Stars the scoreboard sat at 4-0 on the final buzzer. Having definitively won their first home and away games, Division 1 has started their season off at a pace that has them currently sitting at the top of the league standings; 


The next elite match is this weekend, 26/10 at 18:45, against the Solihull Vixens - the team will be looking to make up for points lost in their away match 4 weeks ago. Division 1 have a long break before making the journey to Slough on 16th November, leaving lots of time to train hard and return stronger than ever. Entrance to all our games is free; we hope to see you there!






Captains and Coaches of 2019/2020

Introducing the leadership team for Streatham Storm in the upcoming season.


As the season opener for both teams looms this weekend (Elite: Saturday @Solihull 16:25, Division 1: Sunday @Oxford 19:20), it’s time to introduce our coaching and captaining team for 2019/2020!


The Division one team will be led by head coach Paul Roy Sanders, who took up the post last year to get the team to a hard fought 3rd place in the league standings. Having skated all his life, he has played hockey for about 28 years out of Billingham, Sunderland, Whitley Bay, Sydney (Australia) and eventually Streatham. He plays a number of other sports but is particularly accomplished in inline hockey, having been  selected as the assistant captain for the u16 northern conference team and captaining the u18 inline hockey national champions to an unbeaten season. His skills as a captain have translated excellently to coaching, and it is certain that he will be making sure that the team are working for the very best that they can achieve on the ice this season. Sorana Churchill will be entering her fourth season as the Division 1 team captain, having held and excelled in the position since the latest iteration of the team was created. After starting at Storm being unable to skate, Churchill advanced in leaps and bounds to eventually play with the Premier team (later becoming our current Elite team) and score a key goal for them in their playoff match. Annette Kerr and Kat Procopiou will remain as the assistant captains, their experience in the role no doubt being instrumental to the team’s success. After captaining the GB roller hockey team Kerr spent two seasons with the Storm captaining the Division 1 side before moving to Hong Kong for the next ten years, where she captained both teams she played for. There she continued to hone her skills before returning to Streatham where she has spent the last 3 seasons. Procopiou joined the Storm after starting with the Nottingham Vipers about 5 years ago, making fantastic progress despite battling with injury early in her playing career. She, along with all our coaches and captains, have developed a love for the sport and the team. This dedicated leadership team are set on their goals of developing a well rounded and hardworking Division 1 side, with the key aim being to reach playoffs and the Premier League.


For the Elite team, head coach Sam Nicoll is returning for his sixth season with the Storm. Born and raised in Canada, Nicoll played almost 20 years for the Streatham Chiefs and has been coaching for 12 years overall. Under his tenure the Premier team was promoted to the Elite League and the Division 1 side was created; practiced in pushing Storm to new heights, he will undoubtably continue to do so in the 19/20 season. He is joined by new captain Sarah Audsley, whose distinguished 21 year ice hockey career has seen her play all across the country as she has been part of the Romford Nighthawks, Guildford Thunder, Basingstoke Bison, Slough Phantoms and Cardiff Comets. Having joined Storm in 2012, Audsley was a key part of the Premier team that earned promotion to the Elite league two seasons ago. Immediately afterwards she moved to Bangkok, eventually returning to play her first match in the Elite league at the start of the 2018/2019 season. She will be assisted by ex-Elite captain Joanna Li How Cheong and ex-GB captain and coach Fiona King, creating a captaining team with a powerful resource of shared hockey knowledge and authority between them. Cheong has been at Streatham for 5 seasons and has been a key player throughout, starting at Sheffield University and later playing for Oxford University as well as the Storm. She has captained the Storm for 2 seasons prior to this one. King has played at Streatham, Guildford and Bracknell over a 30 year career, captaining two of these three teams. She also captained the GB team for 9 of the 15 years she played there, as well as coaching the GB uni and senior teams. She has captained and coached in several world championships, including the Olympic Qualifiers. These three vastly experienced and influential women create a captaining team with a powerful resource of knowledge between them, who will assuredly lead the Elite team to great things this season.



With our outstanding coaches and captains assembled the Storm is looking forward with optimism at the season to come, and both teams will be aiming for results bigger and better than any year before. Puck drop can’t come soon enough!








Division 1 Season Review 2018/19

Finishing third in a tough league leaves the Division 1 South side with much to be proud of.


The 2018-19 season saw the Streatham Storm Division 1 side achieve mixed results, but left the team feeling uplifted and positive for the season to come. Ending it on 9-3-4 and finishing at 3rd place in the league, there is much to be proud of reflecting back on the year.


With the team being shaken up in the preseason to allow for players to train to their full advantage, the season started with some work to be done as the team got back into the groove of the game. It has to be said that this learning curve showed through in the first few games of the season, the season opener against the Solent Amazon’s being a tough draw as the first goal of the year by #55 Julie Lee pulled a point back for the match. The home game against Cardiff Comets was particularly heartbreaking in this respect as some stumbles saw the Storm lose a three goal lead against the league favourites, a tough lesson about taking your foot off the pedal that the team was unlikely to forget soon. However, after two back-to-back wins against the Slough Sirens, formerly the Basingstoke Bison and winners of the league last season, it became clear that the preseason changes had paid of and the Streatham team were slowly but surely hitting their stride. Although this was followed by an unfortunate draw against the as-yet-goalless Invicta Dynamics, Storm made sure to close the year on a positive note with another set of back-to-back wins, this time against the Coventry Phoenix. These hard-earned results sent a clear message to the rest of the league that this team was, unarguably, a force to be reckoned with.


This message was further hammered home as the new year opened with an explosive 4-1 win against the Solent Amazons, who Streatham drew against in their first game of the season. However, following this the team faced down a set of three tough matches - two against the Oxford Midnight Stars, who had built up their roster to be a formidable offensive force, and one against the Swindon Topcats, who’s young player base meant that their Division 1 team was playing host to several members of the Team GB squad. 


Starting off the stretch with an away match at Oxford, the team managed to achieved a draw with netminder #65 Charley Field-Howick denying an impressive penalty shot attempt from the Midnight Stars’ top scoring player #77 Katerina Lossnitzer. However, while the team went into their next match with Swindon with equal determination and ferocity, the Topcats just managed to edge Storm out in the home match with the final score sitting at 3-4. While this was a tough blow to bear, the home match against Oxford gave Storm a chance to prove themselves by keeping up their momentum, and prove themselves they did with a 3-0 win. This was followed up with a win over the Peterborough Penguins, #6 Jehna Devraj scoring her first goal of the season unassisted. With the positive direction of play and by the look of the league table, the Storm looked set to take it all the way.


However, playoff dreams depended on winning every match of their final three, and they were facing down the formidable Topcats on the away leg. Storm battled hard for the full 60 minutes with #44 Zuzana Dobrovolna scoring an outstanding goal, but despite best efforts, the GB standard of the Swindon players showed through and Storm Division 1 saw their playoff dreams end for the 2018/19 season. While this was heartbreaking for players, coaches and fans alike, the Streatham side were determined to end the year in a good position even if that did not lead to the opportunity to play for promotion As such, they drew themselves up, pulled the team together and dived into the last two games of the season with all the energy they could muster, and were rewarded with their two best results of the season and two shutouts for #52 netminder Anastasija Teresenkova, an outstanding fashion in which to conclude her first season with the team. 


The Streatham Storm season ended the 2018/19 season in third place, only one place down from the previous season in an immensely stronger league. While this wasn’t the result the team was aiming for, the table position is credit to the hard work that the team and coaches have been putting in all year, and an exciting indicator of things to come in the 2019/20 season. #81 Parris Moore was the seasons top goal scorer with 8 goals across 16 games, continuing her hard work as a consistently outstanding player both offensively and defensively. #34 Shauna Mann came out on top in assists, PIM and overall points - a massive contributor to the teams efforts and successful record this year, Mann has given 100% in every respect throughout the 2018/19 season, her efforts to make every play count being impossible to overstate.


#10 Captain Sorana Churchill must be commended for her consistent hard work and positive attitude throughout the season. Upon being asked what she felt about the past season, she responded “I’m very proud of each and every player in the D1 team. We have reached a respectable 3rd place in the EIHA league, but more importantly, we have built a strong, united and dedicated team which will be the basis for future success.”. Churchill’s unparalleled leadership skills and consistent perseverance for excellence on ice both personally and as a team has been a major drive behind the huge improvements of the team over this season.


Another massive debt of thanks is owed to Head Coach for Division 1 Paul Sanders, his level-headed and calculated approach leading to a huge positive change in the team and a brand new approach to play which is sure to only carry the team onwards and upwards. Reflecting on the 2018/19 record, Coach Paul said “this season we showed that we are a team to be reckoned with in a tough league. ...Although we narrowly missed out on playoffs, which is disappointing, I see the season as a major leap forward and success compared to previous seasons. The strength of the D1 team this season has been the determination, winning mentality and a real sense of team spirit which shines through every time [they] stepped foot on the ice. It has been a truly rewarding experience being part of the teams growth and I am looking forward to seeing players and the team grow further next season.” (read his full season review below).


And of course, the final massive thank you needs to go to our fans! Thank you so much to everyone who has followed the team and come to cheer us on at our games, thank you so much to those that have helped out at our matches - your support means the world to us, and we would not be where we are as a team without you. 


See you at the start of the 2019/2020 season. Let’s go Streatham!








Reflecting on the season: Coach Paul

Head Division 1 coach Paul Sanders looks back over the 2018/19 season


When I was asked to comment on the team over the last season I struggled to think of anything that didn’t sound like it came straight from a cliché handbook, but the reality is these guys did leave it all out there every game; they fought hard and became a stronger more rounded squad the more we played together. 


This season we showed that we are a team to be reckoned with in a tough league. Nobody played us thinking it was going to be an easy game. We were up there with the best teams in the league, we played smart and learnt from our mistakes. Although we narrowly missed out on playoffs which is disappointing, I see the season as a major leap forward and success compared with previous seasons where E players played down more and we had a less consistent and established core squad of players. The strength of the D1 team this season has been the determination, winning mentality and real sense of team spirit that shines through every time they set foot on the ice. We have something other teams dream about, we have a real team spirit. Every player gave their all and did themselves proud this season. 


I know I can speak for the whole club when I say the D1 squad have been an inspiration to be part of for the coaches, fans and other Storm players. You really have something special which will carry you all into next season with the same drive to work for each other that made this season successful. It has been a truly rewarding experience being part of the teams growth and I am looking forward to seeing players and the team grow further next season. STORM!


- A proud Coach Paul









Elite team pulls away from relegation risk with 2-0 win


On Saturday night the Elite Streatham Storm side took to the ice for their long-awaited match against the Swindon Topcats. The Topcats are currently facing relegation from the Elite league, and with Streatham only one place above them in the standings they came with claws out ready to fight for every opportunity for the win. 


Swindon came in perhaps a little too aggressively as #7 Rebecca Osman took an early hooking penalty, putting Storm on the power play. #44 Zuzana Dobrovolna and #19 Jennifer Brawn made some outstanding attempts on goal, but Swindon netminder #96 Gemma Bryant Davies managed to hold them off. Once back to full strength the Topcats launched into an attack on the Storm goal, Streatham giving as good as they got cumulating in a home penalty to #77 Jamie Endrizzi for delay of game. The penalty kill saw Storm netminder #42 Ruth Cattell demonstrate an outstanding standard of goaltending, assisted by the entire team playing smart hockey to see out the 5 on 4. Tough battles continued throughout the period with no team letting up the pressure, and as the buzzer sounded on the first period concluded scorelesss.


Going into the second, captain #55 Rebecca Inker took an early interference penalty leading to a power play. Storm kept high pressure on the defencemen throughout their two minute advantage, and refused to let up when back to even strength. This determined offensive style of play saw Storm mercilessly driving for the net, until at last #63 Isabell Whitley hit home, assisted by #17 Olivia Kirkham. The Topcats, making a push back up the ice to make several determined attempts on goal. Despite multiple excellent shots from both teams the nets were expertly hell, and the period ended at 1-0. Despite the lead this was not a comfortable position for Storm given the significance of the game and how easily their lead could be erased with any lapses of concentration, and so they went into the third period with renewed focus and energy.


Launching into the final period, Storms determined effort to the goal saw Kirkham draw an interference penalty. Once again storm saw our the penalty kill and kept pressure on the net high once back to even strength. This incredible tenacity saw several shots on the Swindon goal, but after some smart passing in the offensive zone it was #36 Christina McLean who scored to put the Storm up 2-0, assisted by Whitley, to roars of approval from the Streatham bench. Frustrations rose on the Swindon side at their goal deficiency as they resolved to implement some rough play, eventually led to #26 Annabelle Cuss earning 2 minutes for crosschecking. The Topcats managed to band together to see out the power play, but their confidence was wavering as the Storm pulled away with their shot count in an attempt for a third goal. Unlucky plays lead to w quick succession of penalties for #40 Carolyn Scott and #23 Sarah Audsley, leaving Storm on a 5-on-3 penalty kill. They managed to stave off the opposition and saw out yet another penalty kill after Scott found herself in the box once again for hooking. Although battered, bruised and exhausted, as the final buzzer went the scoreboard was still standing at 2-0 to the Storm, a very important win in the course of the season as the team moves further away from the possibility of relegation.


The next Elite home game is against the Solihull Vixens, a fiery team with a lot to prove after Storm was victorious over them in their last home matchup. Puck drop is at 18:45 on 27th April - we hope to see you there!









Consistent focus and smart play saw the Division 1 side achieve their biggest win of the season at 11-0 against the Invicta Dynamics.


In their penultimate game of the season, the Streatham Storm Division 1 team lined up against the Invicta Dynamics this Sunday. With their earlier matchup ending in a 1-1 draw and with valuable points on the line in the lead up to the playoffs, this was a key game to claim.


As the puck was dropped Invicta threw themselves into play, battling hard for puck possession. Storm met them with equal force and outstanding tactical play, smart passes being made to get the puck into the offensive zone. This patient but powerful style of play led assistant captain #7 Annette Kerr to draw first blood, assisted by #34 Shauna Mann to put points on the board for the Storm. Hard work and quick reactions saw the Storm defencemen keep the puck in the offensive zone, and 10 minutes later exceptional puck possession and positioning led #17 Dana Kirilova, new addition to the Storm this season, to score assisted by #50 Taz Whitehead. As the first period ended at 2-0 to Streatham, the home team regrouped to renew their attack on the Invicta net.


Hungry for goals and keen to solidify the teams lead, Captain #10 Sorana Churchill wasted no time in getting to the net, Mann assisting her to score only 1:11 into the second period. Kirilova quickly followed with an unassisted goal less than 3 minutes later for her third goal of the season. Invicta, rattled by the direction of the game, fiercely defended their net as ex-Storm goalie #33 Stephanie Wicken battled injury to make some outstanding saves. Even as #22 Charlotte Davenport-Jeffery took an unfortunate tripping penalty the Dynamics continued to give 100% to keep the puck out of the net, Captain #28 Amanda Grout keeping her team focussed on the task at hand. However, as the period drew on the strain began to show, and #28 Celine Collins took full advantage as she made a huge run to score assisted by Mann. With only a minute left in the period, far from winding down for the break Storm fought to the buzzer resulting in an outstanding goal with only one second left on the clock scored unassisted by #7 Katherine Procopiou in her first goal of the season. As the period closed with the score at 6-0, the Storm were exuberant but determined not to let their focus slip as they entered the final stretch of the game.


While wear was beginning to show on the Invicta side they continued to throw everything in their arsenal at the Storm - some outstanding breakaways up the ice saw netminder #53 Anastasija Teresenkova make some outstanding saves and the Storm defencemen make some smart plays to ensure that the puck found its way up the ice. This support allowed the forward players to keep their pattern of clean passing optimised, eventually resulting in Procopiou once again finding net assisted by #44 Zuzana Dobrovolna. As we hit the middle of the period Kerr once again hit home to make it a hat trick, a beautiful shot scooting over the netminders pads assisted by captain Churchill. Less than 20 seconds later Dobrovolna scored a goal of her own, assisted by #5 Cat Pinder and #25 Alina Tuerk. A minute later, a tripping penalty for Collins left Storm on the penalty kill, a precarious position when so close to a shutout. However, not only did they hold out, but #81 Parris Moore seized an opportunity to fly from the defensive end and, assisted by Mann, score Storms first shorthanded goal of the season. Astonishingly, as the period drew on and the clock ticked down, once again with one second on the clock captain Churchill put the puck to the net assisted by Kerr and Dobrovolna. A victorious roar of from the Streatham bench ending at match with the scoreat 11-0, the best result for either the D1 or Elite side all season.


With a hat trick, a shutout and two goals with a second to spare this was truly a sensational match for Streatham Storm, the number of goals being hugely sugnificant considering the scoring drought the team has been struggling through this year. The Division One Streatham Storm team should hold their heads high after this landmark match in the knowledge that their hard work this season is shining through.


The next home Elite match is on 13/4 at 6:45pm against the Swindon Topcats. This team is fighting to claw their way above the Storm in the rankings, so you can expect a fiercely competitive match that you won’t want to miss. The next and final match of the season for the Division One side is at home against the Peterborough Penguins on 7/4at 4:20pm. This should be a thrilling match to close the season, particularly enriched with a bake sale supplied by the players. Entrance is free, make sure to invite friends and family - we hope to see you there!









Despite a buildup of penalties an explosive start saw the Division 1 side to a 3-5 win against the Peterborough Penguins.


Saturday morning saw the Streatham Storm Division 1 side head to meet the Peterborough Penguins as they head into the final 4-week stretch of games for the season. If one game is lost, the playoff run is over, so every result from here is crucial.


Storm launched into an attack as soon as the puck was dropped at the start of the first period, pushing up the ice to make shot after shot on goal. The Penguins made several attempts to fling the puck out of the zone, but hard work from the Storm defence blocked their efforts, #48 Tiffanie Houston not letting a single puck past the blue line. As the defence held the fort the forwards were able to make concentrated effort towards the net, not letting any rebound go unexploited. This exceptional play and team attitude brought the storm 3 goals in under 3 minutes, two scored by #10 captain Sorana Churchill and assisted by #8 Eunice Boon, and one scored by #81 Parris Moore and assisted by #58 Dana Kirilova. The first period ended on 0-3 to Storm, an impressive start to an important game.


The second period saw a series of big hits and slips, tempers flaring as #34 Shauna Mann was caught in a headlock in front of the Storm goal. Despite adverse conditions Storm kept pushing up the ice, hard work and opportunistic plays eventually paying off as #6 Jehna Devraj made a huge run up the ice to score an outstanding unassisted goal. Unfortunately a few minutes later an unlucky puck redirection saw the Penguins #9 Georgia Whitmore, leaving the 2nd period ending at 1-4.


As we entered the second period both teams made big rushes for the puck, Streatham was given 3 penalties in 3 minutes while Peterborough saw one, going from a 5 on 4, to 4 on 4, to 3 on 4. The final Storm penalty saw the team put down to 3 on 5, and although the team had valiantly held out on the penalty kill, this final blow allowed Peterborough captain #8 Clare Ledbury, assisted by #83 assistant captain Stacie Horn, to push the puck over the shoulder of net minder #53 Anastasija Teresenkova to put the score at 2-4. 5 minutes later, Penguins #24 Sharon Kahn also put points up to make the score 3-4. Determined not to make it a close finish, Storm threw everything they had at the opposition in the last 10 minutes of the game, letting nothing past them and making smart passes to inch closer and closer to a 5th goal. With less than 2 minutes left the the game Mann hit home, and as the final buzzer went the score sat at 3-5 as Storm left the rink with a well earned 2 points under their belt. 


The next game sees the Division 2 side facing down the Swindon Topcats for a second time, and after a very close game earlier in the year this has the potential to be the toughest game of the season so far. The next Division 1 Home game is 31/03, against the Invicta Dynamics at 4:20, while the next Elite home game is 24/03, against league leaders the Bracknell Queen Bees, with puck drop also at 4:20. We hope to see you there!









Outstanding effort from the Division 1 side sees them come away with a 3-0 win against the Oxford Midnight Stars.


This weekend the Division 1 side lined up against the Oxford Midnight Stars for the second time this season, returning the away leg that they played in January. The closely matched first game left the teams tied at 1-1, so both sides went into this weekend with a lot to prove.


Tensions rose early in the match with an incident leading to a 2 minute penalty for Oxfords #11 Laura Moran, and a 2 + 2 penalty for Storms #34 Shauna Mann. Oxford responded with some big pushes to score, #77 Katerina Lossnitzor making some excellent attempts on net which were denied by netminder #42 Anastasija Terrsenkova. However, Mann made up for lost time by scoring with less than 15 seconds left in the first period, assisted by #5 Cat Pinder. 


Going into the second #8 Eunice Boon wasted no time in getting to the net, scoring unassisted to put Storm up 2-0. Both teams continued to strive for points but only managed to put up penalties, with one going to Oxfords #25 Jae Rance and two going to #24 Celine Collins and #81 Parris Moore respectively. Quick shutdowns from Storm defence and outstanding goaltending from both Teresenkova and Oxford netminder #26 Heidi Jane-Radburn kept the score at 2-0.


Going into the final period, both teams were running low on energy but more focussed on the win than ever before. Some fantastic shots were made by both sides, Oxford Captain #5 Oenone Dodwell making some spectacular runs up the ice for attempts on goal. However, through persistence in the offensive zone it was Storm who once again hit home, Pinder taking the goal while Boom stepped in for the assist. As the final buzzer sounded with the score at 3-0, Storm were euphoric in their victory as a spot in the playoffs was kept within their grasp after a hard fought game against a team that is exemplary in both skill and attitude.


MotM for Oxford Midnight Stars was #7 Anna Johnston, who consistently gave 100% throughout the match and pushed for the win on every play with deftness and determination. MotM for Streatham Storm was #48 Tiffanie Houston for her truly exceptional defensive work, making some fantastic poke checks and being absolutely unflappable in her work to keep the puck in the offensive zone.


The next Elite home game is 24/03, against league leaders the Bracknell Queen Bees, with puck drop at 4:20. The next Division 1 home game is 31/03, a rematch against the Invicta Dynamics with whom the Storm drew 1-1 in their last game. Will the Div 1 be able to repeat their response to Oxford and come back fighting for a home turf win? Puck drop is at 4:20 and entrance is free, we hope to see you there!









Unlucky breaks and closely matched opposition sees Storm just missing the win



On Sunday night the Streatham Storm Elites lined up against the Guildford Lightning, the last of their 4 matchups together this season.


Storm started off the match with a bang, goal scorer #51 captain Melissa Reidelberger and assistant captain #Christina McLean making a exemplary play to slip the puck behind the goalie. Guildford captain #10 Lindsey O’Neil responded, assisted by #4 Charmaine Easton and assistant captain #17 Amy Mansbridge, bringing the score to 1-1. A misjudged play saw #77 Jamie Endrizzi send to the box for a 2 + 10 for bodychecking, but Storm saw out the penalty kill and finished the period with the score held at 1-1.


The second period saw Storm create some fantastic offensive opportunities, but due to sterling work by Guildford goaltender #30 Phoebe Shavelar the pcuk stayed out of the net. Two shots went off the Guildford posts and there were some big battles in the corners, both teams working hard to gain controlled possession of the puck. However, both teams were so closely matched that there was no conclusion to the play and the score remained at 1-1 as they entered the third.


A tripping penalty for #40 Carolyn Scott led to Storm demonstrating their exceptional defensive work, beautiful positioning and cautious play leading to them seeing out a second penalty kill with no goals scored. As Guildford #2 Kaya Moore drew a penalty for hooking, Storm launched into a ferocious attack to put Guildford through their paces, but their opposition managed to fend them off. A few minutes later, a vastly unlucky play by captain O’Neil put Storm down 1-2, with less than half the period left. Storm continues to push hard for the equalising goal, some beautiful shots by #22 Jennifer Lawrence and wraparound attempts by #26 Rachel Morse being denied by netminder Shavelar. Despite best effort the match ended with the score at 1-2 to Guildford, although the score line was not reflective of the balance of play. The Elite side as a whole demonstrated some truly exceptional play, and proved to both Guildford and themselves that they are a force to be reckoned with going forward in the season.


The next Elite home match is on 24th March against the Bracknell Queen Bees, who currently sit atop the league standings and have won 7 of their last 8 matches. But with Storms advances in skill and determination, will this be where they meet their match? Puck drop is at 4:20pm and entrance is free; we hope to see you there!









Despite a full 60 minute effort and a big push for the win, Streatham Storm Division 1 end their game against the Swindon Topcats with a 3-4 loss


Saturday was a big day for the Streatham Storm Division 1 side as they faced down the Swindon Topcats, who sat one place below them in the league. With competition fierce for the top two spots in the league, which grants the two teams entrance to playoffs and a chance at promotion, every match counts and this was a big evening.


Two early goals were scored unassisted by Swindon’s number 28 Ellie Wallace, bringing her season points total to 9 in only her second game of the season. Storm Netminder #42 Anastasija Teresenkova went on to make a flurry of saves, continuing to impress in her first season playing with the Streatham Storm. However, despite best efforts Storm could not snatch back a goal in the first period.


Storm went into the second period with a determined mindset, tough play leading to two penalties being drawn for the home side. The second resulted in a powerplay goal from Swindon, #22 assistant captain Sarah Rouse making the most of their opportunity assisted  by #26 assistant captain Annabelle Cuss and #75 Phebe Dodd. However, seeing the game slip away from them Storm amped up their play and responded, #81 Parris Moore working hard to get the rebound off the initial shot from #28 Celine Collins. Less than 2 minutes later another goal came from the Storm side, #44 Zuzana Dobrovolna and #25 Alina Tuerk perfectly setting up #34 Shauna Mann to make a beautiful shot over the shoulder of Swindon net minder #34 Amelia Ruby Mcginley. As the buzzer sounded for the end of the second period, the heads of the Storm players were back up as they prepared to make a final push for the win.


Storm made the first move in the third period, Dobrovolna and Mann once again teaming up to get the puck to the back of the net with the final touch this time being from Dobrovolna’s stick. The tie pushed players to kick into overdrive on both sides, with Storm coming out the rose for it as they were handed several controversial penalties. They almost saw out two 3 on 5 penalty kills with the whole team knitting together to form a carefully defensive side, but unfortunately with just 6 seconds left on the penalty Swindon’s Dodd managed to find the back of the Storm net, assisted by Rouse and #77 Katie Deddington. Storm continued to push all the way until the final buzzer, but despite best efforts and both teams being equal in shots, it was Swindon who ended the match a goal up and ultimately took home the two points, moving Storm down a place in the league standings.


Streatham Storm Division 1 will face Swindon once more away on the 24/03. Their next home game is 23/02, a rematch against the Oxford Midnight Stars which ended in a fiercely fought 1-1 draw; both teams will go into this match with something to prove, and everything to play for. Entrance is free, we hope to see you there!



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Victories for Streatham Storm’s two league teams in their last games of the year have sent the club into the Christmas break on an upbeat note.


Happy New Year from everyone at Streatham Storm! 2019 started off with a bang as the Elites faced down the Guildford Lightning this Saturday, and Division 1 saw their biggest weekend yet as they were matched against the Solent Amazons on Saturday and the Oxford Midnight Stars on Sunday.


With the holiday season still drawing to a close, both teams took short benches to their Saturday matches. At the Guildford Spectrum with the Elites, despite a shaky start from the Lightning with some early penalties a goal was scored by #13 captain Bethany Ruth May Hill. However, Storm wasted no time in responding with #43 Olivia Kirkham scoring under 2 minutes later. The second period started with a flurry of shots from the Lightning, goaltender Ruth Cattell making some phenomenal saves to keep Streatham in the game. through hard work and persistence Kirkham scored her second of the game, assisted by #99 Laura Hunnisset and #55 Julie Lee. After a second rush of penalties the Lightning eventually hit home, Hill scoring once again with an assist from #3 Kirsty Lake. Despite hard play on both sides with Storm weathering two penalty kills the score remained tied at 2-2, giving the Elites their second draw of the season.


Meanwhile Division 1 prepared to play Solent Amazons on home ice, with #65 goaltender Charley Field-Howick making her season debut with the Streatham Storm. Division 1 played the Amazons in their first match of the season resulting in a 1-1 tie, so went into the game with their minds set on improvement. The first period passed without goal or penalty, although much of the play was at the Amazons end. As they rolled into the second Storm’s persistence paid off, #81 Parris Moore making a spectacular run up the ice for an unassisted goal. #34 Shauna Mann went on to score two goals in the same period, assisted by #8 Eunice Boon and Moore respectively. In the third the Amazons made the most of a powerplay to score a goal of their own, #10 assistant captain Louise Maillardet assisted by #8 captain Sarah Taylor and #63 Lucy Gates. For good measure Storm snatched a final goal with less than a minute left of play, #8 assistant captain Annette Moore firing a powerful shot to the top corner assisted by Moore. As the game ended with a Storm win at 4-1, Division 1 held off on celebrations in favour of preparing for their away match the following day. 


Arriving at Oxford ice rink the following evening, Division 1 prepared to face down the Oxford Midnight Stars. This was Storms first match against them this season with Oxford only one place below them in the league standings, so the outcome of this match was critical. 


Storm took advantage of an early power play to score a goal, #7 assistant captain Annette Kerr assisted by #3 captain Sorana Churchill. A few minutes later, Oxford had the opportunity to equalise as they were awarded a penalty shot. However, netminder Field-Howick rose to the occasion to make a truly spectacular save against #77 former U18s GB assistant captain Katerina Lossnitzer, maintaining the Storm lead. Multiple penalties in the second period gave both teams a number of opportunities to score, but it was the Oxford captain, #34 Lucy Dorrington, who led by example by scoring on even strength assisted by #5 Oneone Dodwell and #21 Julie Saint. As both teams entered the third period with one goal in hand, play became ferocious as both teams battled for the winning point. However, despite Moore looking to be seconds away from scoring as the final buzzer went, the score remained at 1-1, a truly fantastic result considering the exceptional quality of the opposition. 


The Streatham Storm Elites gain an extra point as Division 1 gain 3 extra points, each maintaining their position in the standings after a fantastic weekend of hockey. The next Elite home game is 19/01 at 19:45 against the Kingston Diamonds and the next Division 1 home game is 26/01 at 18:45 against the Swindon Topcats. 









Victories for Streatham Storm’s two league teams in their last games of the year have sent the club into the Christmas break on an upbeat note.


In the Elite league, an emphatic 8-1 home win over newly promoted Swindon Topcats lifted Storm out of the relegation zone and fuelled optimism in the squad for the second half of the season after a difficult start.


Meanwhile in Division One, Storm came home with a 1-0 victory from a trip to Coventry that lifted the team to third spot in the league, well placed to push for a place in the playoffs in their quest to win promotion to the Premier league.


“We had some setbacks early in the season, but things are now looking much better for both teams,” said club chair and Elite skipper Fiona King. “We can enjoy the break and come back confident of getting some good results in the New Year.”


Storm Elite faced a big challenge on Saturday against Swindon, with both teams sitting on three points at the foot of the six-team league, with Swindon holding the better goal difference. Swindon had chalked up a 3-0 win when Streatham were the visitors for the first game of the season back in September, so a lot was riding on the outcome for both squads.


The first period ended 1-1, with Storm scoring through King and well ahead on shots but coming up against some effective Swindon defence. The game turned early in the second, when Laura Hunnisett finished a slick powerplay move off assists from Christina McLean and Isabell Whiteley. A flurry of Swindon penalties saw Storm rattle in two more powerplay goals from Jennifer Lawrence and Joanna Li How Cheong to ease the home side into a 4-1 lead at the half way mark.


Now in comfortable control, Storm piled on the pressure, cycling the puck and creating multiple chances. Goals followed for Alyssa Blachez (2) and McLean, with Rachel Morse finishing off a strong all-round performance with a shorthanded goal four minutes from time. 


In Coventry, Storm D1 faced a tough opponent in home side Coventry who were anxious to avenge defeat at Streatham a couple of weeks before. The game was a close battle, with both sides determined not to yield the advantage. Coventry had the edge in shots in the first period but Anastasija Teresenkova, in her first season for Storm, was on her toes to keep the scores level, and went on to record a well-earned 29-shot shut-out.


Storm grew in confidence in the second and broke the deadlock in the first minute of the final period when Paula Spencer set up Parris Moore, last season’s top scorer, to net the goal that was to prove the winner.


‘It was a tense game, but we got our noses in front thanks to Parris and held on for a great win,” said captain Sorana Churchill. “Kudos to Anastasija for a great shut-out.”


The win moved Storm up to third in Division One, just two points off the top spot and well in contention to make the playoffs. In the Elite league, Storm’s win over Swindon followed a great 4-1 home victory earlier in the month against Solihull and a home draw against Kingston. With 5 points under their belt, two ahead of Swindon, the team is now looking to kick on in the second half of the season.


The club’s next home match is Storm D1 vs Solent on Saturday January 5 at 18.45. Entry is free and all are welcome.









Away win at Peterborough guarantees place in season finale to decide promotion to Premier league



Streatham Storm clinched a promotion play-off spot with a 5-3 away win over the Peterborough Penguins on April 28 that ensured Storm would finish in the top two in this season’s English women’s ice hockey Division One (south).


A hat trick from the team’s top scorer Parris Moore helped bag the points that mean Streatham will contest the four-way play-offs later this month that will see the top two teams from D1 South and D1 North fight it out for promotion to the Premier league, the second tier of women’s hockey in England.


“It was a great performance against a very good team, with all our lines fighting hard,” said skipper Sorana Churchill. “We have one more league game before the play-offs. We’ll be ready to battle for promotion and win.”


Natasha Briggs showed no signs of rust as she returned from an injury layoff, opening the scoring in the 11th minute from an assist by Moore. The home side replied two minutes later to even the score but a solo effort from Charlotte Jacquemin saw Storm go into the first break with a 2-1 lead.


Two scores from Moore stretched the lead in the second period, the second off an assist by Annette Kerr as their line with Briggs hit top form, accounting for all but one of Streatham’s goals.


But the home side were not about to roll over, pulling back a goal before the second break to leave the score at 4-2 going into the final period.


In a hard-fought third stanza, Peterborough closed the gap to a single goal with a score with 11 minutes left on the clock, setting up a potentially nervous final stretch for Streatham. But Moore was on hand to restore the margin to two goals two minutes later and the visitors were able to see out the game without further fuss.


The Division One team and Storm Elite play their final home fixtures of the season on Sunday May 6 at Streatham Ice & Leisure Centre. D1 face-off against Coventry Phoenix at 4.30pm, followed by Storm Elite versus Sheffield Shadows at 6.50pm. There will be a cake sale and other food and drinks available as we celebrate the league season – entrance free and all welcome.









Narrow win over Cardiff keeps Streatham in promotion race; Elite in 2-1 home loss


Streatham Storm notched up three points from two games at the weekend to stay in second place in the English women’s ice hockey Division 1 and remain in contention for promotion to the Premier league as the season moves towards its final stages.


In an exciting double-header at the Streatham ice arena on Sunday, the D1 squad kicked off events with a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Cardiff Comets, taking revenge for a similarly narrow away defeat to Cardiff a few weeks earlier.


Storm’s Elite league team then battled Guildford Lightning all the way to the final whistle in a bid to add points to their bid to hold on to their spot in the top tier, only to go down to a frustrating 2-1 defeat.


Storm D1 had been down the M4 the previous afternoon to Swindon where they picked up a point in a 1-1 draw thanks to goal from veteran campaigner Sue Parsons. There was some frustration at not coming home with a win as Streatham outshot the home side 36-21, but the team made amends with a businesslike victory the next day on home ice.


Storm found the net as early as the third minute as Parris Moore found Annette Kerr in front of goal, who coolly converted. More goals could have come as Streatham piled on the pressure. But a fine performance from visiting goalie Bryony Davies and some gritty defence kept the home side at bay. Up the other end, Stephanie Wicken was in top form, gaining a deserved shut out.


With three games left in D1 South, Storm need to keep chalking up the points to finish in the top two and qualify for the play-offs against the top two from the D1 North, which will decide which team goes up to the Premier league next season.


Meanwhile, Storm Elite remain four points above the relegation spot despite Sunday’s loss, with six games still to play. Frustration at not taking at least a point from the game against Guildford was tempered by a strong performance against the second-top team in the league.


Storm opened the scoring with a cracking goal by Lucy Gruber, who flew down the left wing on 13 minutes and lashed the puck into the net. Guildford equalised two minutes from the end of the first period and look the lead they were not to relinquish early in the second.


The home side gave it everything in the final 20 minutes despite spending much of the game in their defensive zone. The game ended with Streatham pushing hard to get an equalizer but in the end a lack of sustained offensive pressure throughout the game told – not to mention the absence of three players who were forced to call off before face-off.


Both Storm teams line up for another home double-header on Sunday April 22nd. D1 take on Solent Amazons at 4.30pm, followed by and Elite match-up against league leaders Bracknell Queen Bees at 6.50pm. All welcome – entry free. 









Late 5-4-0 victory at Invicta leaves team in second spot


Streatham got back to winning ways in the English women’s ice hockey Division 1 on Sunday April 8 with a narrow away victory over Invicta Dynamics that left Storm holding second spot in the chase for promotion to the Premier league.


Apparently in control of the game after taking a 4-1 lead early in the second period, Storm were rocked by a spirited fight back by Invicta that saw the home team score three unanswered goals, netting the equalizer with just seven minutes remaining.


With nerves jangling, Storm dug in and regained the lead with four minutes left on the clock when hard-working Eunice Boon fed the puck to Aneta Syposz, who found the net.


There was still plenty of work to do, however, as a minute later Parris Moore was sent to the penalty box and Invicta called a time-out to set up their team for a final push to even up the game. But Storm held out for a vital win after a one-goal loss in the previous game away at Cardiff.


“It was a big game for us after the Cardiff loss,” said skipper Sorana Churchill. “We were super focused and our morale never faltered, even when we let them get back into the game. It was one of the best games I’ve played in.”


The result put Storm in second place in the league, two points behind leaders Basingstoke. Securing at least second spot is crucial as the top two teams at the end of the season go into a playoff with the two top teams from Division One North to decide on the sole promotion spot in the Premier league.


Storm got off to a fine start to the game, taking the lead after nine minutes through a goal by Laura Hunnisett, assisted by Syposz. A solo effort by defender Jessica Preece made it 2-0 before Invicta pulled one back. Two goals from Annette Kerr, back from injury, stretched the lead, with assists for Moore and Katherine Rosseau.


“It was a very positive performance, despite letting Invicta get back in the game in the second half of the game,” said head coach Sam Nicoll. “Invicta were a real challenge and every player did their bit to make sure we came out ahead.”


Storm’s next home games are a double header on Sunday April 15. The Division One team take on Cardiff Comets at 4.30pm and the Elite league team are up against Guildford Lightning, facing off at 6.50pm. Entrance is free. Come and cheer them on!



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2-0 victory at Sheffield is big step towards securing top tier status

Streatham Storm took a big step towards their goal of securing their place in the English women’s ice hockey Elite league at the weekend with a nail-biting 2-0 away win over Sheffield Shadows.


The result was in doubt until the final 15 seconds when club chair and former GB captain Fiona King scored an empty net goal to seal victory and take Storm four points clear of Sheffield in the relegation spot.


The pressure was on after the Shadows had taken the points in a painful home defeat for Streatham two weeks earlier that left the two clubs battling it out to stay in the English top tier league, with just two points separating the teams. The chips were really down for Storm as the team travelled to Sheffield with just two full lines due to the unavailability of several players.


“We went into the game knowing it was worth four points,” said relieved skipper Joanna Li How Cheong. “Having lost to them two weeks ago, there was a completely different feel in the dressing room. Everyone seemed really focused.”


The visitors were outshot in the first two periods but a combination of doughty defence and outstanding goal tending from Ruth Cattell kept the Shadows at bay. Cattell could not have picked a better game to record her first shutout of the season, turning away 34 shots in all.


Storm thought they had broken the deadlock when Isabell Whiteley appeared to score on a Streatham power play, but the officials ruled the puck had come back off the post, not from inside the goal. “We were sure it was a goal and that really fired us up,” said Li How Cheong.


With barely a minute remaining in the second period, Tiffany Trood sprang free on a breakaway and buried the puck to give Storm a well-timed lead.


The final period was a tense affair as the hosts pressed hard to take advantage of their deeper bench. With a couple of minutes left, Sheffield pulled their goalie for the extra skater to go all out for the equalizer. Storm managed to hold on, finally grabbing possession for Sarah Barton to make the vital pass to King, who put the lid on the game for the visitors.


“We have struggled in the third period in previous games but this time we stayed focused to the end. We executed our game plan and got the win we really needed,” said Li How Cheong.


The season is far from over as the two teams meet one more time at Streatham and both have a number of other games left to play. But for now there was deep satisfaction that Storm, promoted from the Premier league last year, have seized back the initiative.


“It was a great game of hockey,” said Sam Nicoll, Storm’s head coach. “Sheffield were well organized and looked good. But our players really knuckled down and worked for each other.”


Storm’s next home games are a double header on Sunday April 15. Storm’s Division One team take on Cardiff Comets at 4.30pm and the Elite team are up against Guildford Lightning, facing off at 6.50pm. Entrance is free. Come and cheer them on!









5-2 home win sees D1 team keep up promotion push; Elite go down to league champions


A solid 5-2 home victory over traditional rivals Invicta on Sunday stretched Streatham Storm’s unbeaten run in Division One of the English women’s ice hockey league to six games.

Aneta Syposz celebrated her return to action after maternity leave with two goals and an assist, watched by her proud husband and baby, as Storm stayed level on points at the top of the division with Basingstoke Bison Ladies, who still have two games in hand in the race to top the third tier of the English game.

In a double header at the Streatham arena, Storm’s top-tier Elite league team then took the lead over reigning national champions Bracknell Queen Bees thanks to an outstanding solo goal in the first period by dynamic defender Jamie Endrizzi.

Endrizzi rushed the puck out down the left wing, shrugging off several backchecking defenders before cutting in towards goal and whipping the puck into the net to give the home side a massive boost.

Storm held on to the lead until just short of the halfway mark in the match before Bracknell found an equaliser. The visitors finally wore Streatham down in the third period, running out 5-1 victors. But Storm, who next face bottom club Sheffield at home on March 10, were encouraged by their toe-to-toe showing against the runaway league leaders.

“The D1 squad continue to show why they have become real contenders in their league, with a strong performance against a top four rival,” said Sam Nicoll, head coach. “In the Elite league, I’m still confident we will get the points we need to reach our goal for the season of consolidating our place among the top-ranking clubs in the country.”

In the Division One game, Syposc got the opening goal in the first period. Invicta’s league-leading goal scorer Lucy Gruber – an Under 21 player who later guested for Storm Elite – grabbed an equaliser before Parris Moore restored the lead with a power play goal, from an assist by Annette Kerr.

Syposc fired in a short-handed goal early in the third period, set up by Laura Hunnisett. Shauna Mann joined the scoring from a second Kerr assist before Gruber pulled one back for Invicta. Hunnisett settled the game with a fifth for Storm, with the helper coming from Syposc.

The weekend saw the final game for Storm by Danielle Hogan, who is returning to Canada after several seasons as a club stalwart and proven goal scorer in the Premier and Elite leagues. “We’ll really miss Danielle,” said club Chair Fiona King. “She has made a great contribution and we’re very sad to see her go, but we wish her all the very best for the future.”

The next home fixture is on Saturday March 10 at 18.50 against Sheffield Shadows. Please come and cheers us on. Entry Free.



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Away shutout keeps D1 team in promotion contention; Elite in narrow home loss


Streatham Storm moved into joint top spot on points in the English women’s Division One ice hockey league with a hard-fought shutout victory at Oxford on February 17.


With half their season’s 16 games now played, the D1 team are level-pegging league favourites Basingstoke on 11 points following the 2-0 win. Although Basingstoke have two games in hand, Streatham clocked their third win in a row and are unbeaten in five games, fuelling confidence that they can reach their goal of promotion to the Premier league, the second tier of English women’s hockey.


There was more frustration for Storm’s Elite league squad, however, as they went down 3-2 at home to Kingston Diamonds on the same day despite having held an early lead. With 10 games still to play, including three against bottom club Sheffield, Storm are still confident they can stay in the top flight after winning promotion last season.


Head coach Sam Nicoll was particularly pleased by the performance against Oxford Midnight Stars from a D1 team that was missing suspended skipper Sorana Churchill. “It took a complete team effort to ensure victory over a determined Oxford side,” he said.


Storm were outshot 33-25 by the hosts, but a stellar game between the pipes by Stephanie Wicken kept the Midnight Stars at bay for her third shutout of the season.


The visitors opened the scoring in the 10th minute with a brilliant backhand shot by Jehna Devraj, who lifted the puck into the roof of the net for an unassisted goal. Late in the second period, Jessica Preece doubled the lead and sealed victory after another of her characteristic barnstorming rushes, which have made her one of the most dangerous defenders in the league.


Back in Streatham, Isabell Whiteley gave Storm Elite the lead in just the third minute against Kingston as the home side set out determined to repeat the narrow win they chalked up over the visitors earlier in the season.


In an eventful second period, Kingston equalised and then took the lead in the 30th minute. Three minutes later, Storm got back on terms with a powerplay goal from Katherine Rosseau off an assist by Jennifer Lawrence. But two minutes from the end of the period Kingston netted what proved to be the decisive goal.


Storm narrowly outshot the visitors and were once again a match for a more experienced Elite league team for much of the game, but just came up short. “It was another tough result, but we’ll keep our heads up,” said captain Joanna Li How Cheong. “We have plenty of games left to make sure we keep our place in this league.”


Both teams play a home double-header on Sunday February 25, with D1 facing off at 16.30 against Invicta in what should be a great game. The Elite squad then take on unbeaten league leaders Bracknell at 18.50. Entrance free. All comers welcome.










Division 1 team in big win to keep up promotion push, while Elite squad suffers frustrating loss

There were mixed fortunes for Streatham Storm in a home double header on Saturday Jan 27 with the club’s Division One team bagging a high-scoring win to keep up their push at the top of their league, while the Elite squad suffered a frustrating loss in the top flight.


Storm D1 ran out 10-6 winners in a goal-fest against Peterborough Penguins as leading goal scorer Parris Moore clocked up a hat trick to keep up the pressure on league leaders Basingstoke and stay well in contention for promotion to the second-tier Premier league in joint second spot.


The Elite team put up a strong performance against Solihull Vixens, outshooting the visitors 37-21 and leading into the final period, but eventually going down 5-2 to the league’s second-placed team. The weekend results left Streatham still standing clear of the relegation spot and there was plenty in their showing to give encouragement with 11 games still to play.


“The D1 gang are going very well and banging in the goals,” said Sam Nicoll, Storm head coach. “We need to be able to play a stronger third period in the Elite league, but we are still making progress.”


Against Peterborough, D1 took an early lead through Jehna Devraj, then gave up three goals before Shauna Mann and skipper Sorana Churchill combined to set up Sue Parsons to leave Storm trailing by a goal at the first period break.


The home side came out all guns blazing in the second, rattling in four unanswered goals in five minutes through Parris (2), Mann and Alina Tuerk. The Penguins pulled two back, but a third goal for Parris sent Storm into the second break leading 7-5.


With the visitors still posing a threat, Storm were grateful for a plucky performance in net by debutant Charlotte Field-Howick who grew in confidence as the game went on, batting away some big shots to hold Peterborough to one goal in the final period.


Up the other end, Tuerk netted her second and there were two goals for surging defender Jessica Preece. She scored the goal of the game with a minute to go with an end-to-end rush capped by a stinging wrist shot that ripped into the top corner.


There were also assists for Katherine Rosseau (3), Tuerk, Parsons, Devraj, Preece, Taz Whitehead Eyre and Charlotte Jacquemin.


“That’s three wins in our last four, plus a draw against Basingstoke,” said Churchill. “We are determined to keep up the pressure at the top of the league.”


Storm Elite showed their potential with a strong performance in the first two periods against Solihull in a fast-paced, end-to-end contest that was a fine advertisement for the women’s game.


Trailing by a powerplay goal on a bench minor in the first period, Storm dominated the second session, heavily outshooting the visitors. Sarah Barton equalised in the 28th minute after good work by Danielle Hogan, then Storm took the lead with a peach of a goal by Margaux Cesar. Tiffany Trood stormed down the left wing to send an inch-perfect pass to Cesar arriving at the far post. The young French woman took one touch and converted with panache.


The game turned in the 45th minute when Storm looked all set to take a 3-1 lead with the net begging after a strong play down the right. But the puck stayed out and Solihull swept up the other end to catch Storm cold with an equalizer.


A Vixens powerplay goal two minutes later was a heavy blow and the visitors stretched their lead to two goals with five minutes to go. Storm pulled their goalie on a powerplay with a minute left to give them two extra skaters, but Solihull managed to grab the puck and fire in a long-range empty-netter to end a contest that was more even than the score suggested.


“It’s frustrating as we are so close to really competing with the top teams, but our confidence is still high and we will get results in the second half of the season,” said captain Joanna Li How Cheong.


The next Storm home game is an Elite league clash with Kingston Diamonds on Sunday February 17. Face-off 18.50, entrance free.



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Elite squad win vital game at Sheffield while D1 gain big point at Basingstoke

Streatham Storm shrugged off flu, suspensions and injuries to pull off two big results away from home in the English women’s ice hockey leagues on Sunday.


Storm’s Elite league team, without four regular forwards, held on for a 4-3 victory at bottom club Sheffield Shadows to record their second win since joining the country’s top tier this season, a result that pushed the visitors four points clear of the relegation spot.


Meanwhile on the same evening in Basingstoke, Storm’s Division One team came back from two goals down to earn a fine point against the division leaders, despite having to ice without three players who travelled with the depleted Elite squad - and being without a handful of injured skaters including playmaker Annette Kerr. The result left the indomitable D1 gang level on points in second place in the league and still firmly in the battle for promotion to the Premier league.


“This was a very good day for the club,” said head coach Sam Nicoll. “It was great to win points in both games against adversity. Our large squad of players is paying off, our skills are improving and our determination and mental strength is growing.”


The Elite team travelled to Sheffield without Fiona King and Margaux Cesar, both felled by flu, Chelsea Meaney (suspended) and Jennifer Lawrence, who had work commitments. Eunice Boon, Alina Tuerk and Katie Rosseau stepped up from the D1 team to help fill the gaps and played their part in a nailbiting win.


The visitors were stunned when Sheffield took the lead after just 12 seconds. “That was definitely a wake-up call,” said captain Joanna Li How Cheong. “It forced us to go on the attack and it paid off.”


Isabell Whiteley equalised in the 13th minute and less than a minute later Sabine Kleining set up Sarah Barton to slot a second on the power play. Then in a frantic second period, Melissa Reidelberger made it 3-1 before Sheffield pulled a goal back. Danielle Hogan scored a fourth for Storm from an assist by Barton, but the home side soon narrowed the gap again to a single goal to set up a nervous final period for the visitors.


With a vital two points on the line, Sheffield threw everything they had at Ruth Cattell in the Storm goal, but she was equal to the task, chalking up 30 saves in the game. The Shadows pulled their goalie for the extra skater in the final two minutes, but Storm held on for a crucial win.


In Basingstoke, Storm D1 lost an early goal to a deflection and found themselves 2-0 down going into the final period. “Then we all got very vocal, we increased the pace and we fought for every puck,” said skipper Sorana Churchill.


With 12 minutes left, team top scorer Parris Moore got one back with assists from Churchill and Shauna Mann. Moore then grabbed the equalizer with an unassisted tally four minutes later to take her to second spot in the D1 scoring rankings. As both teams fought for a winner, a flurry of penalties ensued which included a spell when Storm were defending a 5-on-3. But they held on for a highly creditable draw, anchored by a 33-save performance by goalie Stephanie Wicken.


The two teams next play a double-header at home on Saturday January 27. Storm D1 take on Peterborough Penguins at 4.30pm, followed by an Elite league clash between Storm and Solihull Vixens at 6.50pm. Come and cheer us on. Entrance is free for all.









Shut out win at Coventry marks winning start to 2018


Streatham Storm moved into second spot in the English women’s ice hockey D1 (south) on Saturday with a hard-fought away win at Coventry in the club’s first game of the new year.

Two goals from Storm newcomer Katherine Rosseau in the third period secured the victory, backstopped by an outstanding performance from goalie Stephanie Wicken, who stopped every one of the 57 shots fired at her by the home side.

“It was a very tight game in the first two periods,” said Storm skipper Sorana Churchill. The visitors suffered a setback when Annette Kerr, one of the team’s top skaters, was forced off with an injury. Storm celebrations were also cut short when they had a ‘goal’ disallowed as the puck was ruled to have been kicked in.

“But we became more focused after that, we pushed harder and kept our cool, which ensured we came out on top,” added Churchill.

With 15 minutes left to play, team top-scorer Parris Moore turned playmaker, setting up Rosseau to score the opener. Rosseau, an experienced American player who recently moved to London, sealed the game 10 minutes later with her second, this time a solo effort.

“It was a real demonstration of the team’s fortitude to beat Coventry,” said Sam Nicoll, club head coach. “With a small but determined squad, we shrugged off losing Annette and the disallowed goal and pushed on to beat tough opposition. A true Storming performance!”

The win leaves Storm in second place on goal difference in the division, the third tier of the English women’s game, and still on course to contest promotion to the Premier. They face a big test as they travel to league leaders Basingstoke on Sunday, January 14.

Meanwhile, Storm’s Elite league team make their return after the Christmas break with a trip to Sheffield on Sunday.









Elite team lead with 10 minutes left but end up losing out


Streatham Storm came off second-best in a bruising encounter with Solihull Vixens at home on Saturday – but not before they gave the visitors a fright with a battling performance that threatened to upset the English women’s Elite league form book.


If the Vixens were expecting an easy ride after defeating Storm 6-2 at Solihull the week before, they were in for a surprise.


The away team took the lead in the 15th minute through Jessica Urquhart, but Storm struck back just before the end of the first period when defenders Jamie Endrizzi and Isabel Whiteley set up Sarah Barton for the equalizer.


A second goal from Barton, from an assist by skipper Joanna Li How Cheong, early in the second period and another from Chelsea Meaney, off a helper from Whiteley, stretched the home lead to 3-1. Solihull heavily outshot Storm during the period but were only able to claw back one goal, again through Urquhart, as Streatham goalie Ruth Cattell kept the Vixens at bay.


Halfway through the third, Storm again went out to a two-goal lead, this time when Carolyn Scott fed Endrizzi, who found the net. At that stage, newly-promoted Storm looked set for an upset win over the team lying second in the league.


But a number of tough calls, some fiercely disputed by the rowdy home fans, led to a series of Storm penalties, with a frustrated Meaney tossed from the game for fighting. Vixens went up a gear and rattled in four unanswered goals to run out 6-4 winners as Urquhart completed her hat trick and there was also a triple for captain Katie Henry.


A disappointed Li How Cheong said: “We were dominating in the first half of the game and they didn’t expect it. But they upped their aggression and pace towards the end and unfortunately the ref’s calls didn’t go our way.”


She added: “It was a much improved performance compared to our last games. We are on the up. If we keep playing like this and keep our composure to the end, we will get those points.”


Storm remain second from bottom in the league, but head coach Sam Nicoll was not disheartened by the defeat. The team does not return to action until mid-January, with plenty of time to prepare for the 13 games still remaining in the season.


“The players were great for 95 per cent of the game but wobbled due to excessive penalties given both ways and other distractions,” Nicoll said. “It was a greatly improved effort over last weekend. We just need to be able to go up a gear when the pressure is on. We are still on target for our aim to consolidate our place in the Elite division. It is not about how we started the season but how we finish.”









Elite and D1 squads lose out to division topping clubs


A tough weekend for Streatham Storm saw the club’s two teams go down to defeat against table-topping opponents in the English women’s ice hockey Elite league and Division One.



The Elite squad travelled to face Solihull Vixens on Sunday following a heavy away defeat to league leaders Bracknell Queen Bees the previous weekend. This time newly-promoted Storm put up a stronger performance but still went down 6-2 as Solihull drew level on points with Bracknell in the battle at the top of the league. Storm remain one spot off the bottom, but with plenty of games left to earn more points.


“These were good lessons from the defending champs, who are a very good team, and Solihull, who are chasing them at the top of the division,” said head coach Sam Nicoll. “We’ve been shown a bar to reach, step by step. We are still adapting to the level of competition in the top flight. This will be a very educational season for us.”


Solihull opened the scoring early on the powerplay and stretched their lead with a second in the 10th minute. Carolyn Scott then pulled one back with an unassisted goal to put Storm back in the game. The Vixens bagged another score to lead 3-1 at the first break, but Storm dug in to hold the hosts to a scoreless second period.


The home side scored their fourth on another powerplay early in the third, but Danielle Hogan replied within two minutes on a Vixen’s penalty, set up by Isabelle Whiteley and Jamie Endrizzi. As the visitors tired, Solihull netted twice more in the final 10 minutes to finish comfortable winners at the end.


“We learned a lot and it should be a good game when the Vixens come down to play us again on Saturday,” said Nicoll.


Storm’s Division One team, determined to battle for a promotion spot this season, suffered a setback at home, beaten 4-1 at home by top-of-the-table Basingstoke Bison Ladies. Despite outshooting the visitors by 43 shots to 32, Streatham could only find the net once, through team top scorer Parris Moore, from an assist by Margaux Cesar.


It was a disappointing outcome, compounded at the end of the game by a baffling ref’s call that saw Sue Parsons given a major penalty for roughing after she had been floored by a two-handed punch from a visiting player as she reached for a rebound in front of goal. Despite video evidence clearly showing Parsons had neither started the altercation nor retaliated, Storm’s protests over the call went unheeded.


The obvious wrong call infuriated the Storm bench but skipper Sorana Churchill insisted it only served to re-double the team’s determination to bounce back when they get back to league business after Christmas. “We’ll come back stronger after this. We can’t wait to go back out there and show we can be contenders.”


Storm Elite’s last home game of the year starts against Solihull at 18.50 on Saturday December 2. Entrance is free. All welcome.









Elite team go down fighting against Guildford


Streatham Storm marched to the top of the English women’s ice hockey Division One (south) on Sunday with a decisive 8-1 home victory over Swindon Topcats.


Following a blow-out 11-0 win against Oxford the previous weekend, Storm D1 have put their narrow opening game loss at Solent well behind them as they go in search of promotion to the Premier league, the national second tier.


But in a home double-header at the Streatham arena, Storm’s Elite league team found life in the top echelon hard going as they went down 3-0 at home to Guildford Lighting despite putting up a battling performance that kept them in the game until the visitors forced their third goal in the dying seconds.


Storm D1 showed lots of promise in another dominant performance, with eight players in the points, some imperious defence from youngster Jessica Preece and a confident showing by netminder Stephanie Wicken.


For the second week running, Parris Moore was top scorer, bagging a hatrick. Her linemate Annette Kerr clocked up three assists as well as scoring a goal of her own.

Sue Parsons, a Storm veteran making a welcome return to the action this season after a few years’ break, opened the scoring in the sixth minute to set Streatham on their way and picked up a second score in the second period.


Young French star Margaux Cesar roofed a terrific snapshot on a breakaway early in the second period to give Storm a 4-0 lead before Swindon pulled one back through Skipper Louise Mason. But Storm rattled in four more goals, with captain Sorana Churchill completing the roster of goalscorers. There were assists from Chrissy Brouillard (2), Briony Marshall, Erika Gatyasova and Cesar.


“It was an excellent all-round performance,” said Churchill. “We have gained a lot of confidence, with everyone contributing.”


Storm Elite fought Guildford all the way in the second fixture but were outshot 51-30 by a team who made their greater experience in the top flight tell. Ruth Cattell in net was in fine form to help keep the home side in the game but, at the other end, the break never came that might have changed the outcome.


Streatham’s transition out of defence too often lacked precision and pace despite some surging runs out of defence by Isabelle Whiteley. But Storm stuck to their task and can take heart from creating some clear chances and forcing Guildford to keep battling to the end. With two points from four games, Storm remain confident of improving as the season progresses.


“Storm D1 are really coming together as a team,” said head coach Sam Nicoll after the two games. “They played very well today and deserve to lead the league.”


“The elite team are competing hard but we need to sharpen up a bit to start taking more points at this level. A number of players have had to miss practice and that showed against a well-drilled Guildford outfit.”


Storm’s next home fixture is D1 against Basingstoke on Saturday November 25. Face-off at 18.50. Entrance free. All welcome.








Big home win for D1 team with Parris Moore scoring 5


There were mixed fortunes for Streatham Storm at the Weekend in the English women’s ice hockey leagues with a big win for the club’s Division One team but a tough loss for the Elite league squad.

Storm D1 romped to an 11-0 Home victory over Oxford Midnight Stars that wiped out the disappointment of a 1-0 defeat away to Solent in their first game of the season. It put the team back on course in its aim to contest promotion to the second-tier Premier league this season.

Parris Moore was the star of the game, putting away no less than five goals and bagging an assist in a commanding performance.

But as skipper Sorana Churchill stressed, this was much more than a one star show.

“It was a great night . For the first time we all took shots and played as a team,” she said, adding with a smile: “I got backchecked in the head and back and then she went to punch me , but other than that , a good night.”

Churchill was among the other scorers, with Annette Kerr scoring a pair. Chrissy Brouillard marked her return to Storm after a few years away with a goal and Alina Tuerk and Jessica Preece also found the net.

There were assists for Margaux César (3), Tuerk (2), Kerr, Erika Gatyasova and Agathe Chaigne.

Storm Elite made the long trip to Hull in optimistic mood after their 2-1 Home win against Kingston Diamonds earlier in the month and their tails were up after taking the lead just 8 seconds into the game.

Carolyn Scott scored from an assist by Jennifer Lawrence to give the visitors a dream start.

However, a short bench that saw Melissa Reidelberger having to drop back to defence took its toll. Storm played two way hockey with energy and intensity but that proved not to be enough when all that appeared to be missing was a lucky roll of the puck.

Kingston scores four unanswered goals to skate away with a 4-1 win.

“We worked hard and the score doesn't reflect how competitive it was,” said captain Joanna Li How Cheong. “We had them worried at times but we just couldn't convert our shots into goals. Melissa did great on D but obviously that removes one of our big threats to score goals.”

Both teams are in action again on Sunday Nov 5 in a Home double header. Storm D1 take on Swindon Topcats at 4.30pm followed by Storm Elite vs Guildford Lighting at 6.50pm. Entrance free - all welcome.









Reidelberger clinches comeback win over Kingston


Streatham Storm came from behind to grab their first English Women’s Elite league victory on Saturday with a tenacious 2-1 win at home over Kingston Diamonds.

The winning goal came on the power play with nine minutes remaining when new club treasurer Melissa Reidelberger cashed in on a pass in front from Storm’s player-of-the-game Sarah Barton to fire the puck into the net.

A tense battle ensued as the Humbersiders fought to get back on terms against the newly-promoted home side, but Storm held out to celebrate their first Elite league points with a noisy band of supporters.

“It was pretty tense out there,” said Reidelberger. “Everyone really put in a big effort to get the result and I was just happy to be able to score the winner.”

After going down by the odd goal in seven in their opening game at Guildford, Storm were keen to get a result against Kingston to show their mettle in the top flight. As in their first match, they came out strongly, going toe-to-toe with their experienced opponents.

But it was Kingston that took the lead in the 10th minute with a neatly worked goal scored by skipper Bethany Scoon.

The second period turned into a battle of the goalies as the visitors, with an away win against Sheffield already under their belt, went after a second goal and Storm pushed to get back on terms. After being outshot in the first, Streatham had more chances in the second but could not find a way past Holly Steeples, while Ruth Cattell, in net for Storm, also kept the shutters down.

Storm faced a big test of character going into the final period to show they could win points in the big league. They didn’t disappoint as they toughed out a sometimes physical game, trading penalties with Kingston. The turning point came five minutes after the restart when Barton, making her debut for Storm, scored the equaliser following some sustained pressure on the net from Storm.

“We’re really pleased to get the points and show we are in this league to compete,” said skipper Joanna Li How Cheong. “There was a real buzz in the changing room after the game.”

Sam Nicoll, head coach, was pleased by a strong all-round performance in which both teams put 37 shots on net. Li How Cheong moved back into defence for the game alongside Jamie Endrizzi, Isabell Whiteley and Meghan Sullivan, with the group consistently managing to keep traffic away from the net, allowing mostly long range shots for Cattell to deal with.

Up front, there was a bright debut for young French newcomer Margaux Cesar, with Fiona King, Tiffany Trood, Chelsea Meaney and Jennifer Lawrence among those offering a threat on goal.

“We can build on this performance,” said Nicoll. “Everyone contributed strongly, our penalty kill was good and it was great to score on the power play. We’re looking forward to the next game.”

Storm pay a return visit to Kingston before hosting Guildford in their next home game on Sunday November 5. There is a double header that day with Storm’s Division One team taking on Swindon Topcats at 4.30pm, followed by the Elite clash at 6.45pm. Entrance free – all welcome!  









​Early lead overturned by hosts in close encounter


Streatham Storm rattled Guildford Lightning in their debut game in the English Ice Hockey Association Women’s Elite League on Saturday, before the hosts came from behind to seal a 4-3 victory in a tense encounter.

“It was tough to lose,” said Joanna Li How Cheong, Storm’s new skipper. “But we took the fight to them and really showed we can compete at this level. We will get stronger and we feel optimistic about the rest of the season.”

Storm started the match true to their name, swarming the Guildford goal in the first two shifts and showing little sign of nerves at the step up to the top national league after their promotion from the Premier league last season.

They took the lead in the sixth minute through the ever-energetic Fiona King, firing in from just in front after skating hard to the net with the puck off a feed from Li How Cheong, who tagged the assist.

Streatham’s confidence was bolstered when they successfully killed a minor penalty after Isabelle Whiteley was sent to the box for high sticks.

Charmaine Easton equalised for the hosts after 13 minutes, potting at the back post from a pass across the net from captain Alison Emery. But Guildford were immediately knocked back on their heels when the ebullient Jennifer Lawrence won the face-off to restart the game and waltzed through the Lightning defence to reclaim the lead after just seven seconds.

Storm were well worth their lead at the first break but a series of errors early in the second period saw Guildford score three unanswered goals and take command of the game.

A bad line change let in Bethany Ruth May Hill for the equaliser less than two minutes into the period and three minutes later Jordan Wilshire ruthlessly punished the visitors when she skated away alone from her own blue line after Storm’s defence were caught pinching. At the halfway mark, Louise Adams stretched Guildford’s lead to two with an unassisted goal.

Storm at last recovered their composure and got themselves back in the game less than two minutes later thanks to Chelsea Meaney, a prolific scorer for Storm’s Division One team last season. In a well worked move, she arrived at the back post just in time to slot home a neat pass from defender Jamie Endrizzi, who was named Streatham’s player of the match.

The third period saw Guildford pile pressure on the Storm net as Lightning sought to snuff out any further threat from the now tiring visitors. Streatham were unable to capitalise on two power plays and had to fall back on some gritty defence and a steely showing by goalie Ruth Cattell – who faced 43 shots in the game – to fend off the home team.

Afterwards, head coach Sam Nicoll was philosophical. “We came here for our first Elite game with a mixture of optimism and trepidation. We weren’t disappointed,” he said.

“We started really well but lapses in concentration in the second period cost us the game. Even so, we were in it right up until the end. We had some strong players away this week so we will get better.”

Storm’s first home Elite fixture is against table-topping Kingston on Saturday October 14. Face-off is at 18.50. Entrance is free.

Storm is looking for sponsors for their two league teams and their development programme. Please email if you would like to be part of this growing club’s plans to be among the top GB women’s ice hockey organisations.









​Two teams set to contest Elite league and Division One


An exciting new season for Streatham Storm launches on Saturday September 30 with the club’s debut match in the EIHA Women’s Elite League at Guildford.

“We can’t wait to get started after winning promotion last season,” said Joanna Li How Cheong, this year’s new Elite squad captain. “It is going to be a big test for us but we have a real sense of momentum in the club now.”

Last season was a breakthrough for Storm, which for the first time in many years iced two teams, winning the Premier league championship on the last day of the league in a thumping victory at Chelmsford. Meanwhile, the feisty Storm Division One team achieved a very creditable 500 record in their debut season as the club saw a stream of new members take to the ice.

“We are raring to go again and we are setting our sights on promotion to the premier league,” said Sorana Churchill, returning as skipper of the D1 team.

With almost 40 players registered for the two league teams and a healthy number of development players attending practice, the club is determined to build on the achievements of last season to establish Streatham as one of the leading women’s clubs in the UK.

“There is a great buzz around the club,” said Sam Nicoll, head coach who has overseen a real resurgence in the club since he took over three seasons ago. “We have some exciting Elite players, a number of whom have played at College level in North America. We have some returning veterans, some great potential GB prospects and we have a healthy stream of new players.”

The club has had to say goodbye – at least temporarily – to last year’s club captain Hannah Carnegy, who has moved to California. Former Premier team stalwarts Catherine Pinder and Sarah Audsley have also moved elsewhere.

But the vast majority of the Premier league winning squad are back for the Elite team. Ruth Cattell is back between the pipes, former GB star Fiona King is back for another season and skilled UK universities player Meghan Sullivan is back on the blue line.

She’ll be joined in defence by Brit Isabelle Whiteley and Canadian Jamie Endrizzi, strong additions last season who both made a big impact. Up front, Jennifer Lawrence, Melissa Reidelberger and Danielle Hogan are among those vying to lead the goalscoring, joined by exciting British prospect Chelsea Meaney, a prolific goalscorer in Division One last season. New signing Sarah Barton, a Canadian now living in London, also joins the line-up.

The D1 team also has a strong look, anchored by Stephanie Wicken in goal. In a sign of the buzz around the club, veteran Storm stars Sue Parsons and Sue Nicholson are also coming out of retirement to join the team.

Under 18s Shauna Mann, Jessica Preece and Sue’s daughter Jodie Nicholson will be making their mark at the other end of the age scale. There are a number of new signings, alongside stalwarts such as Parris Moore, Kat Procopiou, Agathe Chaigne and Alice Sturgess. 

For more info, go to The first Elite home game is on Saturday October 14 against Kingston, face-off at 18.50. D1’s first home stand is against Oxford on Saturday October 28, also at 18.50.

Entrance is Free for all. Please come and cheer us on!









​Praise for team despite last-day loss at Basingstoke


Streatham Storm closed out their English Women’s Division One debut season with a battling 5-2 away loss to Basingstoke on Sunday, leaving them in a creditable fourth place in the league and hungry to come back for more next season.


“It was a loss but we played a good game against the team that came second in the division,” said Sam Nicoll, Storm’s head coach.


“Their supporters were full of praise for our team, saying it was one of the best games of women’s hockey they had seen all season.”


Nicoll paid tribute to Sorana Churchill, the team captain, and all the players that participated in a campaign that saw Storm post a neat record of 4 wins, 4 draws and 4 defeats, scoring 62 goals and clocking up a goal difference of plus 22.


In Sunday’s game, Storm shipped an early goal on the powerplay when Hannah Martin found the net, but bounced back five minutes later when Amanda Grout equalized with a short-handed goal off an assist by the season’s top scorer, Chelsea Meaney.


Storm then took the lead in the 13th minute when Meaney, fresh from playing in the Storm premier team's championship winning game two weeks ago, scored from a set-up by Agathe Chaigne, whose battling performances throughout the season have characterized the team’s qualities.


That was to be the last goal of the season for Storm, however, as Basingstoke equalized before the end of the first period through Jodie Attrill. Two further goals for Attrill and one from Aniko Gaal sealed the victory for the home team, but Storm kept fighting to the end, as they have done throughout the campaign.


Basingstoke outshot the visitors 55-28 as Storm goalie Stephanie Wicken put up another great performance, coming away once again with a save percentage over 90.


“It was a great season for a new team,” said Nicoll. “They played with passion and pride all through this game, just as they did all season. We truly did the best we could and we will be back next year aiming for promotion.”









​Thumping 12-1 victory in decider at Chelmsford caps winning season

Streatham Storm romped to the EIHA Womens’ Premier League title on Sunday with a 12-1 win at Chelmsford that clinched promotion to the Elite league for next season.


There were scenes of delight as the final hooter went, with the team huddling in celebration on the ice and their noisy band of supporters cheering from the stands.


“It feels amazing,” said skipper Hannah Carnegy, who has stuck with the club through thick and thin in recent years to help steer the team back to winning ways. “I think that was the best we have played all season. Everybody played at high intensity from the start right through to the end of the third period.”


The win was the culmination of a breakthrough season for a club with the ambition to build one of the best womens’ hockey outfits in the land. Promotion to the top tier has been secured and the club has been given important depth by the building of a Storm team competing strongly in Division one. The D1 team had its own victory on Saturday, beating Solent 5-1 at home to hold on to third place with one match remaining.


“It’s a great achievement by both teams,” said club head coach Sam Nicoll.  “Now we must move on to make sure we are competitive in the Elite league and aim for promotion next year from D1 to the Premier league.” 


Storm went into Sunday’s decider needing at least a draw to take the title but knowing a loss would see Chelmsford Cobras skating off with the spoils and the much-coveted promotion. Storm’s only league loss was a 4-3 home loss to the Cobras early in the season. After a less-than convincing 3-3 draw at third placed Milton Keynes two weeks ago, the mood in the Streatham camp was determined but apprehensive going into the game.


Melissa Reidelberger settled Storm nerves on nine minutes with a neat goal off an assist by Rachael Wood. The Cobras had an opportunity to get on the board on a power play four minutes later. But some great penalty killing saw Isabell Whiteley release Joanna Li How Cheong on a breakaway up the left channel. She made no mistake with a snap shot into the far corner of the net, the short-handed goal drawing roars of approval from the Streatham fans.


Less than two minutes before the break a wrister from Whiteley found its way through the crowd in front of the net to make it 3-1. But any thoughts that the traffic was only one way came with just 10 seconds left in the period when Jennifer Bolton pulled a goal back to boost the Cobras going into the break.


The game could have changed when Chelmsford had a second power play just seconds into the new period. Again the Storm penalty kill was up to the task – as it would prove throughout 10 minutes of penalties through the game. Instead, Carolyn Scott fired Storm back into a three goal lead within a minute of the return to even strength with an unassisted snipe that was to be the first of a hat trick for her.


A classy score from Jennifer Lawrence from a pass across the front of the net by Tiffany Trood and another when Danielle Hogan fed for Wood to convert took the score to 6-1 going into the final period. The band of Storm supporters were now in fine voice, sensing glory was only minutes a way.


A tiring Cobras team, missing some regular players and having not played a league match for some weeks, battled on doggedly, but the day was not theirs. Further goals from Jamie Endrizzi, Scott (2), Fiona King, Reidelberger and Wood saw out the game for Streatham. There were further assists for Hogan (2), Sabine Kleining, Trood, King and Chelsea Meaney (the D1 team’s top scorer who potted four against Solent on Saturday evening).


Players and supporters celebrated in fine style on the coach back to Streatham, significantly assisting the profits of various makers of champagne, prosecco and beer.

The team has plenty of time to recover before the play-off trophy weekend at the end of May when the aim will be to add more silverware.


“We have come a long way in the last three seasons,” said Carnegy. “The core of loyal players have worked really hard and we have been able to recruit some great newcomers to the squad. Sam has got us playing proper hockey and there is an excellent spirit in the club. It has been great to be a part of it.”









​Meaney scores hat trick in 6-5 home loss to Bracknell



Streatham Storm went toe-to-toe with Womens’ Division One leaders Bracknell Firebees in an enthralling match at home on Saturday, eventually losing by the odd goal in a high-scoring, end-to-end game.


Chelsea Meaney, Storm’s top scorer, was in fizzing form, bagging a hat trick and combining well with Jennifer Lawrence, who herself scored a dazzling solo goal and collected three assists. Bareera Javaid was the other goal scorer and there were assists for Tiffany Trood and Parris Moore as Storm went down by 6-5.


“After holding Firebees to a 2-2 draw at Bracknell a couple of weeks ago, we had high hopes today,” said Sam Nicoll, head coach. “We gave them another tough game, but there were some strange calls that didn’t help us and in the end we just came up short. All credit to the team, though, for a great effort.”


Bracknell opened the scoring through Samantha Phillips after two minutes, which was quickly answered when Meaney opened her account a minute later. The Firebees dominated the period, clocking 25 shots on goal, but Stephanie Wicken in the Storm net was in stalwart mood and Bracknell led by just 2-1 at the break after a goal from Louise Beresford.


Lawrence evened things up early in the second with the individual goal of the game, slaloming down the left wing, then cutting across the goal past two defenders, delaying her shot until the goalie had committed and slotting home at the far post. Firebees snatched back the lead through Beresford to leave the score 3-2 to the visitors at the second intermission.


Storm took the game to Bracknell from the off in the third period. Within a minute Moore and Lawrence combined to set up Meaney in front of goal, who made no mistake. With the bench fired up, Meaney gave Storm the lead two minutes later with another slick goal from a feed from Lawrence.


The fates were not with Storm, however. A minor holding offence in front of goal by Moore turned into a 5+20 match penalty when the Firebees player concerned went down hard and was unable to continue the game. The call was changed to hooking after the game by the officials as the rules don’t allow for a holding call to result in a match penalty, deepening Storm’s frustration.


To make things worse, less than a minute into the powerplay Meaney, working hard on the penalty kill, caught her opponent’s skate as she reached for a poke check and went to the box for tripping.


Phillips made Storm pay with a powerplay goal on the 5-on-3 to level the game at 4-4. Her third and another goal from Beresford put the Firebees up by two with five minutes left. A well worked Storm score, this time by Javaid after good work from Lawrence and Trood in the 57th minute got Streatham back in the groove and had the Bracknell bench shifting back into defensive mode to protect their lead.


Nicoll called a time-out with 30 seconds left, and pulled Wicken for the extra skater as Storm forced a face-off in the left circle with the clock ticking down. A shot crashed off the goalie’s pads but bounced to safety as the buzzer sounded.


The result leaves Storm in third spot in Division One south with two games left.









​3-3 draw at Milton Keynes takes Streatham to top of table


Streatham Storm set up a nerve-tingling Women’s Premier league title showdown at Chelmsford after a tough 3-3 away draw on Sunday against Milton Keynes Falcons carried the team to the top of the table.


Now sitting one point ahead of Chelmsford at the league summit on 19 points, Storm need at least a draw in both teams’ final match of the season on May 14 to clinch top spot and promotion to the Elite league.


“It’s going to be a terrific game,” said Sam Nicoll, Storm head coach.


The Falcons needed to win Sunday’s clash to stay in contention for the title. A dramatic fightback from two goals down in the last period took them close, but Streatham steadied the ship and were pressing for a winner at the final whistle.


“It was a hard game. We made some errors that let them come back at us, but in the end we’re very happy we got the point we needed,” said Hannah Carnegy, Storm skipper. “We can play better than that and we will be raring to go at Chelmsford.”


After a couple of blow-out wins in recent matches, Storm went on the hunt for goals from the start, clocking up 20 shots in the first period. But the Falcons’ proved gritty in defence. Storm broke the deadlock on 10 minutes when Danielle Hogan won a draw in the right circle and fed Rachel Wood in front who slotted cleanly into the net.


Streatham went two up midway through the second period on a well-worked powerplay goal. Isabelle Whiteley fired in a shot from the point, Joanna Li How Cheong got hold of the puck in the melee in front of the net to send it goalwards and Chelsea Meaney jammed it under the goalie and into the net.


But any Storm hopes that they could go on and take command of the game soon took a knock. A mistake on another powerplay less than two minutes later coughed up the puck, allowing Falcons’ star Rachel Piotrowski to skate in on goal and open the account for the home side with a short-handed pot.


Storm reclaimed a two-goal cushion early in the third when Li How Cheong scored on an assist by Meaney as their line with Fiona King provided much of Streatham’s cutting edge. But the game turned on 50 minutes when Piotrowski pivoted and fired an unstoppable slapshot into the top corner from the left circle.


A bust-up in front of the net as the goal was scored saw Storm’s feisty defender Jamie Endrizzi and Falcons’ Aiyana Moran sent to the box for roughing. Milton Keyes proved quicker to adjust to the ensuing 4-on-4 and Piotrowski escaped to even the game up a minute later.


The home crowd were jubilant, roaring on their side for a winner, but Storm showed their maturity by riding out the tempest. Not content with sitting back to protect the draw, they went in search of a winner, aided by a final powerplay with just over two minutes to play. Streatham outshot their hosts by 50-31 over the game as a whole. But it was not to be and the game ended with honours even.


“This team has come a long way and they have now given themselves a chance to win the league,” said Nicoll. “Milton Keynes were tough opponents but our players felt sure afterwards that they can play better than they did tonight. They are in a very determined mood and we’ll go to Chelmsford fired up for the decider.”  









​2-2 result keeps Storm in third spot



Streatham Storm went toe-to-toe with a strong Bracknell Firebees team in their latest away fixture on Easter Sunday, coming away with a hard-fought 2-2 draw against the English Women’s Division One (south) leaders.


“The game showed how far we have come and how good we can be,” said Sam Nicoll, head coach. “It was as close as the score showed against good opposition and an established organization. I’m really pleased.”


After two big wins against Oxford and Solent, Bracknell posed a much tougher challenge, having lost just once so far this season as they set the pace in the division. But Storm proved themselves well up to the task in a sometimes bruising encounter.


Bracknell were left in no doubt that they were in for a battle when Isabell Whiteley gave Storm the lead in the fourth minute from an assist by Alice Sturgess. That was enough to send Streatham into the first break with the lead, despite being outshot during the period by 10-7.


Home skipper Louise Beresford evened things up in the second period, converting a set-up from Milan Giogi as Bracknell piled on the pressure. Then with a player from each side in the penalty box, Marguerite Lafitte, assisted by Samantha Phillips, broke the deadlock for the Firebees with less than a minute remaining before the second interval to make it 2-1.


Storm were far from broken, however. Goalie Stephanie Wicken, who stopped a total of 25 shots, helped keep the visitors in the game with a series of saves. Streatham then came out strongly in the final period, outshooting the hosts as they battled to take something from the game.


Their reward came with five minutes remaining when Katherine Procopiou fed the puck to Whiteley who made no mistake as she evened up the game.


The result kept Streatham in third place in the league with three games left to play, a highly creditable position for a squad that was newly formed in September.


“Considering they had 4 GB players, it was a great result for us. We worked as a team, we have made great progress and I’m really proud of this group,” said Sorana Churchill, team captain.








​11-1 win boosts Streatham to third place


Streatham Storm took a further step up the standings in the EIHL women’s league Division One (south) on Sunday with another big win away from home, this time dispatching Solent Amazons 11-1.


After a 10-0 win at Oxford the week before, Storm D1 returned to action in the mood to score more goals – and they did so in style. Top scorer Chelsea Meaney returned to the line-up after missing the Oxford game and showed no sign of ring-rust as she chalked up three goals and no less than five assists.


But the performance was high-level across the lines, with 11 players in the points altogether, an encouraging feature that the Storm Premier league team has also been showing lately.


“This was a united, focused and determined team,” said skipper Sorana Churchill after the game. “The results speak for themselves.”


The win left Streatham in third spot in Division One, with four games left to play. A huge game awaits on Easter Sunday when the team travel to Bracknell to  take on the league-leading Bracknell Firebees.


Storm took a while to assert their full authority against Solent, taking just a 1-0 lead into the first break thanks to a powerplay goal by Tiffany Trood, assisted by Meaney and Isabell Whiteley.


The goals began to flow in the second period, which was just two minutes old when Meaney potted her first of the evening, set up by Katherine Procopiou. Less than a minute later Bareera Javaid banged in another powerplay goal helped by Meaney, who then helped herself to a shorthanded mark, sent on her way by Natasha Whitehead. Whiteley, assisted by Alice Sturgess and Meaney, was next to net, followed by a second for Javaid, again assisted by Meaney, to send the team into the second break up by 6-0.


With the game now in their pocket, Storm kept up the pressure in the third period. Parris Moore and Ashleigh Howard combined to set up Whiteley for goal number seven. Shauna Mann netted unassisted and there were also goals for Moore and Churchill, with assists from Whiteley and Meaney, before Meaney notched her hat trick with just over a minute left on the clock, thanks to a bit of help from Javaid.


Solent’s only reply was an unassisted powerplay goal by Linda Cloutman in the third period.


Head coach Sam Nicoll was well pleased – but he had a warning that both the D1 and Premier teams need to keep their skates on the ice despite their recent rampant performances. “It was a great all-round performance. There have been some great games of hockey lately, but I expect things to get tougher from here,” he said.











​Premier title bid boosted by crushing 24-2 win while D1 skate to 10-0 shutout at Oxford


An incredible 34 goals in two games was the tally after a pair of dominant displays away from home by Streatham Storm premier and division one teams at the weekend.


The D1 crew kicked things off with a majestic 10-0 shutout against Oxford City Midnight Stars on Saturday that lifted the team into fourth place in the league.


Then the premier gang rolled into Nottingham on Sunday evening with their game faces on and proceeded to flatten their hosts by an astonishing 24-2. They left for home knowing victory in their last two games would win the league and propel them into the Elite division next season.


“It was an ace weekend across the board,” said Hannah Carnegy, club captain. “We know not every game will be like these, but we really feel the club is going places now.”


Storm D1 went to Oxford without Chelsea Meaney, their top scorer, but didn’t miss a beat. With barely a minute on the clock, Isabell Whiteley opened the scoring and the goals flowed from then on. Two more goals from Whiteley and a brace from Tiffany Trood made it 5-0 after the first period. Alice Sturgess, Agathe Chaigne, Ashleigh Howard and netminder Stephanie Wicken chipped in with assists to put Storm firmly on the road to victory.


Trood, Annette Kerr and Whiteley hit the back of the net with unassisted goals in the second period, with Natasha Briggs, assisted by Trood, and Kerr taking the score into double figures in the final stanza. Wicken faced 26 shots in chalking up her shutout. The game was played over 3x15 minute periods, leaving skipper Sorana Churchill speculating what the score might have been over a full-length match.


“It was an awesome performance and we showed true teamwork,” she said. “A big congratulations to all the players.”


The premier team faced all sorts of distractions in the run-up to their game against Nottingham Vipers. An overnight email from the home team suggested the game might have to be called off because of players injured or on international duty. Then when Storm arrived at the rink a power cut threatened to shut down the game. The officials had been sent home, along with a number of Viper players, and had to be recalled.

By the time the puck finally dropped, Storm were in no mood for mercy, fired up by what one source close to the dressing room said was an inspirational pre-match pep talk from head coach Sam Nicoll.

Nottingham took the lead in the eighth minute on a powerplay goal by Olivia Bennett. But Storm levelled within 20 seconds when Jennifer Lawrence set up Isabell Whiteley for the equalizer. From then on, it was one way traffic as Storm went for the jugular, clocking up a remarkable 120 shots on goal.

It was 7-1 at the first break, a further six unanswered goals rattled in during the second period, followed by 11 more in the last. Another power play tally for the Vipers in the last 10 minutes was the only consolation for the home team.


Whiteley finished with five goals, Fiona King had 4 and there were three each for Lawrence and Carolyn Scott. Melissa Reidelberger, Danielle Hogan and Rachael Wood scored two each, while Carnegy, Tiffany Trood and Joanna Li How Cheong chipped in with one apiece. There were assists for Trood (4), Li How Cheong (4), Lawrence (3), Reidelberger (3), Hogan (2), Wood (2), Scott (2), Whiteley (2) and Jamie Endrizzi.


“We know Nottingham were not at full strength, but as the old saying goes, you can only beat what is in front of you,” said Carnegy.


The team has gelled and gained in depth since the signing of the experienced Endrizzi, Trood, Whiteley, Scott and Lawrence. Lesser-sung stars such as Meghan Sullivan and Sabine Kleining on defence have been able to show their class, while the forwards have enjoyed the jump in scoring opportunities.


“We just don’t have any weak lines and the team is playing really well, with everyone contributing. After all the pre-match frustrations it felt good to score like we did,” added Carnegy.


Both teams have much to play for in the final weeks of the season, with D1 – who travel to Solent on Sunday - still in the mix at the top end of the table. The premier team are braced for a much tougher test at Milton Keynes in the next game at the end of the month, knowing that if they win they will go to the last game at Chelmsford with a chance of the title.









Big away win keeps up promotion pressure



Streatham Storm kept up their promotion challenge in convincing style on Sunday, completing a back-to-back victory over Slough Phantoms in a 7-2 away win that maintained the pressure on EIHA women’s Premier league leaders Chelmsford.


As predicted, Slough proved a tougher nut to crack on home ice than the weakened side that Storm dispatched 13-0 at Streatham last month. The Phantoms took an early lead in the second minute through Nicola Bicknell as the visitors got off to a tentative start on the relatively small surface of Slough’s temporary rink.


But Streatham gradually found their feet. After a few alarms as the Phantoms looked to get quickly in behind the defense on the cramped ice, Storm found their rhythm and reverted to the relentless, up-tempo, forechecking style that has been a feature of their recent performances and which eventually wore down Slough’s gritty defence.


“We had practiced for the smaller surface but it took a little time to adapt,” said head coach Sam Nicoll. “Then we started to chip and chase and crash the net and just kept up the pressure right through the game. The whole team played really well and I’m very pleased with the result.”


A slapshot from the left point by skipper Hannah Carnegy leveled the game in the 10th minute and restored some confidence after the slow start. Slough turned up the heat on a powerplay two minutes later that turned into a 5-on-3 when Jamie Endrizzi inadvertently incurred a delay-of-game penalty as she cleared up a dangerous situation in the corner.


Storm successfully killed off the two penalties and stepped up their own pressure on Slough’s defence. With just a second left before the buzzer, Tiffany Trood and Cat Pinder worked the puck to Isabell Whiteley, who was imperious throughout the game on defence. She whipped in a sharp goal at the back post to send Storm into the first break with a 2-1 lead.


Streatham began to take command in the second period, outshooting Slough 22-5 and clocking up two more goals that would have been more without a series of terrific saves by Michaela Walker in the home net. Danielle Hogan was on hand to make it 3-1 in the 24th minute after great work from linemate Melissa Reidelberger and Storm veteran Sabine Kleining. With four minutes left in the period, Carolyn Scott grabbed the puck on a great forecheck as she chased the puck into the offensive zone. She fed Pinder who passed in front for Endrizzi to bang home goal number 4.


In the third period, there were tallies for Trood, Scott and Fiona King to complete the scoring as Streatham kept up the pressure, eventually outshooting Slough by 72 to 33. There were further assists for Carnegy, King and Bareera Javaid. The Phantoms kept going and pulled one back with a minute to go with a goal for Laura Byrne, but by then the game was lost.


“It was a real team effort,” said a well-satisfied Carnegy afterwards. “We had seven different goalscorers and almost everyone was in the points. It is a great sign that everyone is really contributing.”


The result leaves Storm two points behind Chelmsford with two games in hand in the race for top spot and promotion to the Elite league. Next up are away games at Nottingham and Milton Keynes, before a potential decider at Chelmsford in early May.


“Basically we have to win all our games now,” said Carnegy. “It’s going to be very tough, but we are full of confidence.”









Gutsy fightback by Storm - D1 falls short


Streatham Storm sent an emphatic signal of their promotion ambitions on Sunday, running up a 13-0 home victory over Slough Phantoms in their most commanding performance in the Premier league so far this season.


Slough were missing a number of their regular line-up, but Storm were impressive from the first drop of the puck to the final whistle, playing at high tempo and with a clear hunger for goals. The team rattled up 72 shots on goal, with a total of 13 players in the points.


They were cheered on by the Storm’s Division One team, who themselves had staged a gutsy fightback in their earlier game against Cardiff Comets, coming back from four goals down to go down 4-2 to the unbeaten table-topping visitors.


Fiona King, former GB captain, led the way for the Premier gang with a stunning 5-goal performance, including one coast-to-coast solo effort at the start of the third period that had Storm supporters whooping with delight.


The result left Storm two points behind league leaders Chelmsford with a game in hand and the two teams still to meet in what could be a final-day showdown for promotion to the Elite league.


“With a full squad including our final signings before the transfer deadline, this was probably the strongest team Storm has ever iced,” said delighted skipper Hannah Carnegy after the match. “We know the return leg against Slough will be much tougher, but this result has given us confidence that we can deliver.”


Head Coach Sam Nicoll said he was pleased by the way new signings Jennifer Lawrence and Isabell Whiteley, both former American college league players, blended into the line-up. Other recent newcomers Carolyn Scott and Jamie Endrizzi have also added zip, allowing longer-standing members of the squad to show their quality.


Whiteley and Scott bagged two goals apiece, Lawrence had a goal and two assists, while Endrizzi kicked off proceedings with the opening goal of the game.


Catherine Pinder and Melissa Reidelberger completed the scoring and there were assists for Carnegy (2), Scott (2), Joanna Li How Cheong(2), Danielle Hogan, King, Sarah Audsley, Alina Tuerk and Rachel Wood.


“It was good to see established and new players getting along so well – it’s such a great team to work with,” said Nicoll. “The most impressive thing was that our focus, pace and effort never dropped. That will be needed for our remaining games.”


He also had warm words for the Division One team, which had racked up a double-digit win of their own the previous weekend away at Peterborough. “Every player played their best. We got stronger as the game went on and I’m sure the momentum will continue.”


Storm went 4-0 down by the middle of the second period, but dug in to “win” the final period with goals from Skipper Sorana Churchill and Kirsty Horan. Parris Moore, Annette Kerr and team top-scorer Chelsea Meaney also asked big questions of the Cardiff defence as the team rallied. Cardiff held on in large part thanks to a big performance from their goalie Gemma Davies. The shot count was just 35-34 in Cardiff’s favour.


Meaney, Kerr, Katherine Procopiou and Shauna Mann all chalked up assists.










Streatham Storm claimed the first victory of their debut Division One season with an emphatic 11-0 away win over Peterborough Penguins on Sunday.


Chelsea Meaney, the team’s top-scoring player, rattled in five goals as Storm took sweet revenge for a 10-1 defeat at the hands of the Penguins at Streatham earlier in the season.


Storm D1, who also have three draws under their belt, have now moved into the top half of the table. With Storm’s Premier league squad pressing for promotion, the result was a further boost for the club, which has more than 40 registered players on its books going into the business end of the season.


Storm welcomed new signings Natasha Whitehead and Briony Marshall into the D1 side and leant heavily on netminder Stephanie Wicken in a tough first period that saw Streatham go into the break just one goal ahead, thanks to Meaney’s first tally, assisted by Tiffany Trood and Amy Durling.


“It was a hard-fought first period as our new players got settled in,” said head coach Sam Nicoll. “Steph shut the door, stopping several early breakaways.”


The game turned in the second period as Meaney (2), Trood and Annette Kerr found the net, with assists for Marshall and captain-for the-day Bareera Javaid.


The one-way traffic continued through the third stanza. Kerr chalked up her hat trick, Trood got her second, Meaney bagged her fourth and fifth and Parris Moore wrapped up proceedings with a goal in the final minute. There were third period assists for Meaney, Trood (2), Shauna Mann and Javaid. Wicken skated off with a well-deserved shut-out.


“The offence poured it on in the last two periods,” said Nicoll. “It was a well worked, deserved win for the team and a long time coming. Now we are fully focused on our next game.”


That comes on Sunday Feb 12 against Cardiff at home. The two teams drew 3-3 in the away fixture. The game (face-off 4.30pm) is followed by the Storm Premier league team match against Slough.










Streatham Storm completed the double over Widnes Ladies on Sunday with a battling 3-2 away win that kept them hot on the heels of leaders Chelmsford in the English Premier league.


Satisfaction at bagging both points was compounded when news came through that Chelmsford had been held to a draw at Nottingham, leaving Storm just one point behind their promotion rivals with both teams having played seven matches.

“It was the second hard-fought game against a good team who were a constant threat on the counter-attack,” said head coach Sam Nicoll, pleased to have followed up Storm’s 5-1 home victory against Widnes the week before with another victory.


Storm opened the scoring with an unassisted tally in the 14th minute from Fiona King, the former GB captain who is enjoying a lively season as one of Streatham’s highly-valued veterans. Two minutes later Carolyn Scott set up new signing Jennifer Lawrence to score on her debut and give Streatham a clear lead going into the first break.

Lawrence, most recently captain of the Oxford University team, is a Canadian who played for Yale University in the NCAA. She was joined for the Widnes game by compatriot and fellow debutante Tiffany Trood. “It was great to see the debut of Tiffany and Jenn, who fitted in well with our existing players,” said Nicoll.


Widnes fought back in the second period, with skipper Charlene Chapman pulling a goal back in the 33rd minute. Leen De Decker then tied things up with just six minutes to go, setting up a tense finale.

Knowing they could not afford to let a point slip, Storm piled on the pressure. The visitors outshot Widnes by 53 to 28, but Stephanie Jade Drinkwater was in stubborn form in the home net.


The decisive breakthrough came with just over four minutes left on the clock when Melissa Reidelberger banged in the winner from a setup by Danielle Hogan and skipper Hannah Carnegy. Widnes called a timeout in the 59th minute to tee up a last effort to find an equalizer, but Storm held on to take the spoils.


“It was a really tough game,” Carnegy said afterwards. “We were very pleased to get the points.”


Storm now have a few weeks to prepare before home-and-away games against Slough, with the first match at Streatham on February 12.


The squad should be at full strength for those fixtures and is due to be strengthened further by the addition of Isabell Whiteley, a Brit returning from the US where she played college hockey for Boston university. She is set to sign before the end-January deadline – in time for the promotion battle run-in.










Streatham Storm came from behind to beat Widnes Ladies at home on Sunday to move into second place in the English Women’s Premier league.


Two goals each from Monica Suchanek and Carolyn Scott helped seal a 5-1 victory that put Storm back in contention for promotion as the league moves into the second half of the season.


“We went a bit flat through the middle of the game but managed to put them away in the third period when they tired,” said skipper Hannah Carnegy. “It was a good win, but we’ll have to be better to make sure we win the return game at Widnes on Sunday and keep the pressure on league leaders Chelmsford.”


Storm were coming off a 4-3 home loss to Chelmsford just before Christmas and fell behind in the 11th minute when Leen De Decker scored for the short-benched visitors. But it was the wake up call Streatham needed. Scott equalized six minutes later from an assist from Annette Kerr and just before the first break Suchanek put away a power play goal, assisted by Chelsea Meaney, to grab the lead.


Widnes were in no mood to roll over, battling hard through a scoreless second period. It was not until the last six minutes that Storm were able to pull away. Suchanek potted her second in the 55th minute, Bareera Javaid scored the fourth a minute later and Scott added the finisher with less than four minutes left on the clock. Sarah Audsley, Fiona King and Scott were credited with assists.


“The team worked hard to overcome a tough opponent,” said Sam Nicoll, Storm head coach. “It was a good game of hockey that was entertaining right to the end.”


Nicoll said he was especially pleased with the performances from Division One players, notably Meaney and Kerr, who stepped up to fill the gap left by a couple of missing Premier squad regulars. Streatham also enjoyed another fine show between the pipes by Ruth Cattell, who stopped 30 shots.


With six games played, Storm lie two points behind Chelmsford on nine points.









Streatham Storm's strong start to the season continued with a table-topping win for the Premier league team and a hard-fought draw for the Division One squad in an exciting double header fixture at home on Sunday. 


"Both teams performed to their best and the club is still undefeated on the season," said Sam Nicoll, head coach. "Both teams are improving and progressing nicely."

First up were Storm D1 who fought out a see-saw 4-4 draw against Oxford City Midnight Stars - a repeat of the score in their first game last month.


Oxford raced out to a 2-0 lead just eight minutes in through goals from Lucy Donnington and Laura Moran, both assisted by Charlie Clements. But Storm hit back in the ninth minute with a great solo effort by Chelsea Meaney, one of a valuable handful of players from Invicta 'guesting' for Streatham this season.


Clements was on hand to stretch Oxford's lead early in the second period. Storm were unfazed, however, hitting three unanswered goals to take the lead. Meaney grabbed her second from an assist by Annette Kerr, who also set up Bareera Javaid for Storm's third. Then Kerr put Streatham in the box seat with an unassisted goal of her own.


But the Midnight Stars were still shining and hit back in a tense final 10 minutes to even the score through a second strike for Donnington from an assist by Natasha Feddery.


Storm Premier, knowing they could top the league with a win, followed with a convincing performance to defeat Kingston Diamonds 4-1. After four games, Streatham now lead with seven points, one ahead of Milton Keynes. A lot of tough games lie ahead, but captain Hannah Carnegy was in bullish form after the game.


"It was a really solid performance. We led throughout after our first goal and only conceded on the power play when we were up 4-0. We have a lot of work still to do but we are getting goals from all our lines, which is great," she said.


Melissa Reidelberger opened the scoring after 13 minutes, set up by Jamie Endrizzi. Storm consolidated their lead in the second period with further goals from Rachael Wood, Joanna Li How Cheong and Danielle Hogan. 


Reidelberger notched up assists on the strikes by Wood and Hogan. Fiona King, Hogan and Sarah Audsley also collected assists.


A solo power play goal by visiting skipper Bethany Anne Barwell three minutes from time avoided the shutout for Kingston and completed the scoring.



Storm led the shot count by 31-22 and look to have banished last season's frustrating habit of outshooting opponents but without sufficient potency to bury the puck. In net, Ruth Cattell was in her customary strong form despite narrowly missing out on the shutout.


The next home fixture is Storm D1 against Peterborough on Saturday Nov 5at 18.50. Storm Premier next take on Chelmsford at home on Saturday Nov 26, also at 18.50.

Entry free - all welcome.









Streatham Storm roared back from a three-goal deficit to rescue a home draw against Milton Keynes Falcons in an action-packed women’s Premier league game on Saturday.


The 4-4 result left the Falcons sitting on top of the league with six points from four games, with Storm hard on their heels with five points from three.

Relieved Steatham coach Sam Nicoll praised his side for the comeback after a strong Milton Keynes had taken command of the game. “The spirit and resilience of the team was excellent. These players really care for each other and fought for each other all game.”


Streatham opened the scoring with less than five minutes on the clock with some neat passing from Melissa Reidelberger and Danielle Hogan setting up Rachael Wood to knock the puck past Kayliegh Doyle.


But a well-organised Milton Keynes side soon banished any Storm complacency, showing some solid defence and their potency up front when Rachel Poitrowski ripped a wrist shot into the net after 16 minutes from an assist by Elizabeth Archer.


The second period began with some prolonged pressure in the Falcons’ zone, but Streatham struggled to find a killer punch in front of goal. When Milton Keynes swept up the other end on a rapid breakout on 32 minutes, Kirsten Noble was on hand to convert Samantha Payne’s pass.


It was the start of a nightmare two minutes for Streatham as Poitrowski combined twice with Noble to score off the Falcons’ next two shots. Poitrowski’s hat trick goal was on a short-handed breakaway, leaving battered Storm facing a mountain to climb.


Nicoll took his players into a tight huddle behind the bench in the second break to plot the fightback, mindful that in their last game at Kingston the team had scored four unanswered goals in the third period to overturn a 2-1 deficit.


As the period started, it was clear Storm believed they were still in the game as they piled pressure on the Falcons’ defence. The turnaround finally came with just seven minutes left when Jamie Endrizzi slammed home a powerplay goal from an assist by Hogan to claim her second goal in her first two games for the club.


With their tails up again, another minute had barely elapsed when Aneta Syposz, now a real threat with her speed and grit, took a pass from Catherine Pinder and reduced the deficit to one with a cool shot into the net.


Storm supporters were on their feet as Falcons called a time-out to try to halt the momentum. But Storm kept their heads and evened up the game on their next shot as Fiona King used all her experience to stuff the puck over the line in a goalmouth scramble, with Joanna Li How Cheong providing the assist.


The last five minutes were a nail-biting affair as both teams sought a winner, but had to settle for what had been a hard-fought draw. Streatham were left in no doubt by a tough opponent that it will be a big battle to fulfill their promotion ambitions.

“It was a well-earned point,” said Nicoll. “Progress was made and we are all keen to see it continue.”


Captain Hannah Carnegy added: “That spell in the second period was bad, but it was really good to claw it back in the third – it almost felt like a win.”


Storm’s next Premier game is on Sunday October 23rd at home against Kingston in a double-header that sees the Storm Division1 team take on Oxford. The Oxford game starts at 4.30pm, with the Premier clash following immediately after. Entry free.









A hat trick by Joanna Li How Cheong powered Streatham Storm to victory over Kingston Diamonds on Saturday as four unanswered goals in the third period swept the visitors to an early season perch at the top of the EIHL women’s premier league.


“We worked hard all game, wore them down and got the reward,” said a highly satisfied Sam Nicoll, Storm’s head coach. “There wasn’t an off tempo shift.”



The result followed a 9-1 home win over Nottingham Vipers earlier in the month and put Storm in pole position in the league, albeit after just two games.

Victory did not come easy against tough opponents at Kingston, who iced a number of young stars from their Elite league team and twice took the lead in a physical match. Home skipper Bethany Anne Barwell opened the scoring in the 4th minute in a clear signal to Streatham that battle was joined.


Li How Cheong replied early in the second period from an assist by Meghan Sullivan, who has become a vital pillar of Storm’s defence. But the Diamonds regained the lead within a minute with a goal from Shannon Rae Jones and held the advantage going into the second break.


The game turned on the first shift in the final period. Former Canadian college player Jamie Endrizzi, making her debut for Storm, rifled an equaliser into the roof of the net from a shot from Li How Cheong and a second assist from captain Hannah Carnegy. “It was an awesome one-timer,” exclaimed Carnegy, who was sent sprawling from a check as she made the pass.


“Sam had gently told us off during the break that we hadn’t shot enough as a line,” said Li How Cheong. “I heard his wise words in my head and just shot the puck. Jamie skated into the high slot at full speed and effortlessly shot it in.”


Endrizzi was to win the player of the game award after an impressive debut playing out of position at centre. Her goal set the scene for a decisive third period. With six minutes left, Danielle Hogan got the all-important go-ahead goal, with assists from Monika Suchanek and Alina Tuerk.


Li How Cheong made it 4-2 in the 57th minute and completed her four-point game with a hat trick goal with 45 seconds to go, from assists by Rachael Wood and Sabine Kleining.


It was a good test for Storm who will now look to build on a morale-boosting away win. In a sometimes bruising encounter, Aneta Syposz recovered well from a big hit midway through the third period that earned Diamond’s Rae Jones a game penalty.


“We played with spirit and class. It was a good team effort,” said Sam Nicoll.


Storm’s next game is at home against Milton Keynes on Saturday October 8th at 18.30. All welcome - entry free.









Streatham Storm got the 2016-17 season off to a flying start on Sunday with a pulsating draw for the new Division 1 team and a commanding victory for a Premier League outfit setting its sights on promotion.


Expectations were running high at the Streatham arena ahead of the double-header home fixture after a busy off-season that saw a big expansion of club membership and the launch of the D1 side to complement last year’s Premier team.


The D1 gang, led by skipper Sorana Churchill, got things going against Basingstoke Bison Ladies and were quickly into battle as the visitors took the game to the home side.



Netminder Stephanie Wicken, one of five Invicta players who are guesting for Storm this season, was quickly under pressure, but she was to keep Streatham in the game as the team got used to playing together for the first time.



Basingstoke opened the scoring in the 5th minute. But Chelsea Meaney, another of the Invicta crew, levelled things up with the first of what was to be a great hat-trick, notching the equalizer off an assist from Amy Durling.



Storm slipped 3-1 behind before Amanda Grout pulled one back in the 27th minute with Meaney claiming an assist. Meaney evened the score with her second goal early in the 3rd period, this time Grout providing the assist, before Basingstoke slotted in a fourth. But Streatham were not finished. Meaney had the last word in the 45thminute, slotting in an unassisted equalizer.


Next up were the Premier team looking to improve on a strong showing last season when they reached the play-off finals. Up against a Nottingham Vipers side handicapped by a short bench, Storm were in ruthless form, wracking up a 9-1 victory.


Aneta Syposz led the way with a hat-trick as she and her Polish line mate Monika Suchanek got back into their high-scoring ways. Suchanek was in selfless form, providing two assists for Syposz.


Ahead 3-1 after the 1st period, Streatham were in suitably storming mood, rattling off 63 shots in the game. Danielle Hogan notched up two goals and an assist and there were also goals for Fiona King, Bareera Javid, Meghan Sullivan and captain Hannah Carnegy. Sarah Audsley chalked up 2 assists and Joanna Li How Cheong’s assist completed the account.


With a shortage of goals sometimes a problem last season, the scoring surge against the Vipers was a potentially important confidence boost for the rest of the campaign.

Head coach Sam Nicoll, who masterminded both games on the Streatham bench, was very happy with the evening’s work.


“It was a great start to the season,” he said. “This is an exciting time for the club and we are really looking forward to the next games.”


The Premier team next play away at Kingston on September 24 and then come back to Streatham to take on Milton Keynes on Saturday October 8. The D1 side are away to Peterborough on October 8.









Streatham Storm launch their 2016-17 season at home on Sunday September 11 in buoyant mood, icing two teams after a summer during which club membership jumped to record levels.


“We are very excited about the new season,” said head coach Sam Nicoll. “We have a strong group of players and lots of enthusiasm for the coming campaign.”


Club captain Hannah Carnegy added she was full of optimism, with some 35 players now registered to play for London’s only senior women’s ice hockey team. “Our last training session on Monday evening was fantastic. We had 30 players on the ice – I’ve never seen so many women on the ice at one time here and the atmosphere was excellent.”


With the surge in membership, Storm have entered two teams in the EIHA women’s league after finishing runners-up in last season’s Premier league play-off final. Promotion to the Elite league is the aim for a largely unchanged Premier league side this year while Storm will also be out to take scalps in Division One South with a new team that is full of promise.


Carnegy will lead the Premier team that welcomes back Polish forward pair Monika Suchanek and Aneta Syposz, who will be looking to take their scoring rate to new heights. Fiona King, Danielle Hogan, Joanna Li How Cheong will also be leading the rush to the net, while Meghan Sullivan and Sabine Kleining are among the troops marshalling the Storm defence. Anchoring the team will be netminder Ruth Cattell, who was a stalwart of the last campaign, notching up three successive shut-outs towards the end of the season.


The D1 team will be led by Sorana Churchill and includes an exciting mix of experienced players, newcomers and up-and-coming juniors. Look out for prospects such as Jessica Preece, who has joined from the Streatham junior club, where she has clocked up impressive performances playing alongside the boys in the Under18s.


A special welcome is also due for five players who have signed on from Invicta – where they lacked the numbers to register a league team this season. Amy Durling, Kirsty Horan, Stephanie Wicken, Chelsea Meaney and Linnea Sawe-Johansson will all be wearing the Streatham jersey.


“Their presence is a huge boost for Storm and the club is thrilled to have them on board,” said Hannah Carnegy.


The D1 team get the season started against Basingstoke Bison Ladies at 4.30pm at Streatham ice arena on Sunday, September 11, followed by the Premier team, who take on Nottingham Vipers at 6.30pm.


Entrance is free and all are welcome.









An outstanding 31-shot shutout by netminder Ruth Cattell anchored Streatham Storm to a gritty 2-0 home victory over Chelmsford Cobras on Sunday.


Cattell, deservedly player of the game for the home team, was imperious in fending off a 16-shot onslaught in the third period as the visitors battled to get back into the game, including several one-on-one chances when a goal could have turned the match.


Goals in the first and second periods won it for the Storm, who have now chalked up three victories on the trot and lie in third place in the Premier league going into their last two games of the season.


With the lines running more smoothly in the early stages than earlier in the season, Streatham broke the deadlock after 19 minutes when Bareera Javaid tipped in a shot from the high slot by skipper Hannah Carnegy, the puck looping behind Cobras netminder Cherry Hambleton and into the net.


A hard fought second period saw Storm extend their lead in the 34th minute. With Tereza Plankova in the penalty box for the visitors, Streatham stalwart Fiona King, a lively threat throughout the game, was on hand to ram the puck home on the rebound from an assist by Monika Suchanek.


Storm went into the final period looking to wrap up victory, but the Cobras were far from finished, creating a series of chances as they pushed to get something from the game. But Cattell stood strong, helped out by some stout defending and spirited backchecking, to enable Streatham to claim the two points.


Storm play their final home game next Sunday, April 24, against Milton Keynes. Face-off is at 18.30. Come and cheer them on! Entry free. 



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A battling third period comeback rescued a home point for Streatham Storm on Saturday in an exciting 3-3 draw against the Whitley Bay Squaws.


The visitors showed little sign of the effects of a near seven-hour journey to south London as they notched up two goals in the first period from captain Amy Campbell and Stephanie Towns.


They ruthlessly punished two turnovers with a swift offensive transition to take a firm grip on the match in the early stages, with Streatham again taking a while to find their poise – a feature that has marked several of their games this season.

Things looked even bleaker when Campbell combined with an assist from Towns in the 23rd minute to leave the Storm with a big task in front of them to rescue something from the game.


The home team finally began to mount some sustained pressure and got on the score sheet in the 32nd minute with a well worked goal when Streatham stalwart Fiona King got in front of the net to slip the puck past the keeper off a neat pass from the left from Joanna Li How Cheong.


With confidence restored and the Squaws’ short bench beginning to tire, Storm came out for the last period determined to get back on terms. Danielle Hogan supplied the necessary in the 44th minute with a sharp goal from an assist by Melissa Reidelberger. Four minutes later, Hogan was again on hand to convert another assist from Reidelberger and the scene was set for a grandstand finish.


The Squaws were giving nothing away as the game went end to end in an exciting last 12 minutes, with neither team settling for a draw and both goalies called on to make several key saves. Streatham thought they had it won when Li How Cheong stuffed the puck into the net in a goalmouth scramble, but it was waved off by the officials for interference with the goalminder.


A draw was probably a fair result, though the visitors will be disappointed that a gritty, disciplined performance did not yield full points after taking a 3-0 lead. Streatham, meanwhile, were relieved to take a point after falling so far behind – but will rue the lack of bite in their offence in the early stages. “We’re getting lots of shots on goal, but we really need to work on the quality of our shooting,” said coach Sam Nicoll.


Captain Hannah Carnegy commented: “It was a tough game and in the end it was a great comeback. It felt more like a point saved than a point lost.”


The result leaves Storm in fourth place in the Premier league on seven points from seven games, two points ahead of the Squaws in fifth.



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Streatham Storm got back to winning ways on Sunday with a 4-3 away win against Chelmsford Cobras that boosted the visitors up to fourth place in the English premier league.


Breaking a bad habit of slow starts in their last few games, Storm were quickly out of their blocks, taking the lead in the fifth minute with a goal by Joanna Li How Cheong from an assist by Fiona King.


Within two minutes, Aneta Syposz doubled the score by finishing a move involving Catherine Pinder and Monika Suchanek, who both picked up assists as Streatham took charge of the game.


Playing three 15-minute periods, Bethany Ruth May Hill pulled a goal back for the home side six minutes into the second stanza. But Storm reasserted their grip on the game with another brace of quickfire goals in the 23rd and 24th minutes. Syposz was again on target from an assist by Suchanek, underscoring the potency of this talented Polish pairing in the Storm line-up. Then Danielle Hogan rattled in the fourth goal, with Pinder notching up her second assist of the game.


Streatham should have been home and dry, but the hosts came back strongly in the final period, first with a second goal from May Hill, followed by a score by Lucy Jarvis with three minutes left on the clock.


When Syposz was sent to the penalty box with two minutes remaining, Streatham were suddenly under the cosh to hang on to a game they earlier looked like winning comfortably. Over the match, the Cobras outshot Storm by 30 shots to 18, but with netminder Ruth Cattell in her usual fine form, Storm held firm to take a morale-boosting away victory.


“We were in control for most of the first two periods, and it was good to make a strong start for once,” said captain Hannah Carnegy. “We lost our grip in the third with some panicky defence and too many penalties, which broke our rhythm. But it was a good win in the end.”


The victory ended a run of two defeats and leaves the Storm with three wins after six matches played. The next game is at home at Streatham Ice Arena against Whitley Squaws on Saturday February 20 at 6.30pm.


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A pair of turnovers early in the second and third periods doomed Streatham Storm to a frustrating defeat last Sunday in a home clash with undefeated Swindon Topcats.

After being heavily outshot in the first period but trailing only 1-0, Storm were eager to get back on terms. But a bad mistake in the neutral zone less than a minute into the second period saw Swindon pounce, doubling their lead through an unassisted goal by Rebecca Osman. 

It was 3-0 ten minutes later when the Topcats eased a spell of sustained pressure from the home team by stretching their lead through captain Rebecca Inker. Storm were not out of it, however, outshooting the visitors 14-7 in the period and ending on a high note when Fiona King converted with less than a minute remaining on the clock from an assist by Caelin Berek.

Hopes were high for a famous comeback in the third, but an overeager Storm coughed up the puck once again in mid-ice just two minutes in. Topcats were in no mood to waste the chance, with Anne-Sheralie Chilcott converting. Streatham continued to press, but were unable to find the net, with Osman netting a fifth for Swindon to seal 
their win.

Coach Sam Nicoll was sanguine after the game, in which the Storm had been competitive in many spells during the match, notching up 33 shots. “Our breakout was good, but we now need to work hard on improving our scoring chances. We have to up the quality of our shots on goal.”

Storm now have two wins and two defeats for the season, placing them fourth in the Premier league table. The next game is away at Slough on December 19.







A three goal blitz in less than two minutes in the second period carried Streatham Storm to a confidence-boosting 3-1 home win over Slough Phantoms on Sunday night.

After going behind to a goal by visiting skipper Samantha Bitmead in the sixth minute, Storm exploded into life after the first interval. With coach Sam Nicoll running a deep bench, quick line changes and some strong puck possession saw the Storm camp in the opposition end, heaping pressure on a Phantom team that was caught off balance by the sudden offensive surge.

The dam finally broke in the 30th minute when Storm debutante Aneta Syposz rifled in a rebound from a shot by Monika Suchanek. A minute later former GB skipper Fiona King was on hand in front to knock the puck into net after some strong work by Joanna Li How Cheong, who bagged the assist.

The cheers from home supporters had barely subsided before Suchanek, last season’s top scorer, fired in the third goal, converting a rebound from Syposz as the two friends rekindled a partnership built playing together in their native Poland.Slough, with a short bench, did well to recover their composure, ending the period with several minutes of sustained pressure of their own, but were outgunned over the period by 20 shots to eight. 

In the final period, Streatham could not manage quite the same intensity. But a team with a number of new players added to the roster from last year had begun to settle into a promising rhythm in their third match of the season, anchored by another fine performance by netminder Ruth Cattell, who faced 24 shots.

“This was a come-from-behind win over a good team and everyone was involved,” said Nicoll. “I was very pleased with the effort, attitude and the result of tonight’s game.”

Captain Hannah Carnegy was happy to notch a victory over a team that is always a tough opponent. She had praise for a strong defensive performance, but also noted the boost the team had from a new pre-match warm-up designed by Bamn Fit, a dynamic 
personal training service in south and west London.

Storm are now sitting equal top in the Premier League after two wins and one loss. 

Next up is Swindon who visit the Streatham arena on Nov 29th. Face-off at 6.45pm. Entrance free – all welcome.

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Streatham Storm went down to a 3-1 defeat on Sunday in a hard-fought premier league battle at home against Widnes Ladies.

The visitors, winner of the Northern League last season, arrived late at the High Road after getting stuck in London traffic, but they showed no sign of road rust as they piled on the pressure in the first period.

Storm were set back on their heels as 22 shots rained in on Ruth Cattell and they had their netminder to thank for escaping the period just one goal down, a solo effort from Catherine Bowen Fell.

A powerplay goal in the 28th minute from Bowen Fell, after a slack line change by Streatham, and another even-strength score five minutes later by Rachel Cartright, put well-drilled Widnes firmly in the driving seat.

But Storm at last got their wheels in gear. With the bench strengthened and lines shuffled after the season-opening 9-4 win over Nottingham, the team began to show its character. Monika Suchanek, a growing offensive threat, led a 3 on 2 charge into the Widnes end, got behind the net and threw the puck out out front in Peter Forsberg style. She found Caelin Berek advancing in from the point and Berek whipped a wrist shot through traffic into the net with a minute left before the second interval.

With confidence boosted, Storm went toe-to-toe with Widnes in a tense third period. The pressure forced a Widnes time-out with less than two minutes remaining, but Storm couldn’t find the second goal that would have made a grandstand finish.

Both goalies took the respective player of the game awards, with Cattell stopping 48 shots, while Stephanie Jade Drinkwater turned away 28 for Widnes.

Frustrated captain Hannah Carnegy felt Storm could have got more out of the game. 

“We didn’t play as well as we could have. But they are a good team and we got better as the match went on.”

Coach Sam Nicoll added: “We allowed way too many shots on goal. We’ve got to sort that, but we battled well and we will definitely improve from here.”








Streatham Storm got their 2015/16 season off to a terrific start on Sunday, beating visitors Nottingham Vipers 9-4 at the Streatham arena.

Despite missing several top players, including former GB captain Fiona King and last season's top scorer Monika Suchanek, Storm got off to a flying start with a goal in the first minute from Joanna Li How Cheong, assisted by Parris Moore.

Vipers equalised in the eighth minute, but were soon reeling from four unanswered Storm goals. Captain Hannah Carnegy rattled in a hatrick, including a power play score, with Rachel Wood also netting. Vipers pulled one back but further goals from Catherine Pinder, Isabelle Taylor and a second for Li How Cheong saw the Storm take a commanding 8-3 lead into the second interval.

The third period was a calmer affair. Carnegy wrapped up her player of the game performance with a fourth, matched by a fourth goal for the Vipers. Li How Cheong ended with a team-leading 6 points, Carnegy had 5, with Sarah Audsley bagging 4 assists.

The thumping victory owed much to Ruth Cattell in goal, who turned away 38 out of 42 shots in a starring performance. In fact the Vipers comfortably outshot the Storm, who will be looking to tighten up their defensive effort in coming games when several key players unavailable at the weekend will be on the bench.

Coach Sam Nicoll was encouraged by the strong start after a tough season last year.
"It was a very good win. For sure we still have a lot of hard work to do. But I am very pumped for the rest of the season," he said.

The Storm are next in action at home against Widnes on Sunday October 11th. Face-off at 18.30.   All welcome. Entrance free.








Streatham Storm, London’s only women’s ice hockey team, kick off their 2015/16 season on Sunday evening (Sept 27) with a home match against Nottingham Vipers.

Hopes for the new season are running high in the Storm camp as the club welcomes back almost all of its squad from last year and has added some promising newcomers 
to the roster.


“Things are looking very positive,” said Hannah Carnegy, team captain, two-time 
member of the British Universities squad and former player in the Streatham youth programme. “We’re aiming to do well this year and promotion is definitely our goal.”


The Storm are playing this season in the 15-team Premier league, one notch below the new Elite league. Last year’s campaign in the old top flight Premier was a battle for a 
mostly young and inexperienced Storm squad but coach Sam Nicoll is confident the team will be tough competitors this year.


“We want to be hard for any team to play. We want to turn Streatham into a fortress 
this season,” said the former Streatham youth coach and veteran player for the Streatham Chiefs.


Bolstering the squad this year are returning Storm ‘legends’ Fiona King – a former GB captain – and Sabine Kleining. Last season’s top goal scorer, forward Monika 
Suchanek, is back, as is Ruth Cattell, a top class netminder who has been involved in the GB programme and is a former GB roller hockey goalie. Other signings are in the 
works that will further strengthen the squad over the coming weeks.


The team is looking to attract some strong support on game nights at the Streatham Ice Arena. Entry is free and all spectators are welcome. Face-off against Nottingham 
this Sunday is at 16.25. The first four league games are at home, with Widnes next up on October 11, followed by Whitley Bay on Nov 9 and Swindon on November 29. 


The club is also keen to recruit new players of all levels of experience. A big emphasis is being placed on development, to build momentum for future seasons to 
establish the Storm as one of the country’s top teams. Come and be part of a great club that is unique in London!


For any enquiries and full details, email


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